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//Encoder section of hamming 3 `timescale 100 ps/ 100ps `ifdef SYNTHESIS module encoder(parity, state ); `else module encoder_rtl(parity, state ); `endif parameter N = 4; parameter M = 3; input state; output parity; generate begin
i want to implement hamming3 in fsm ....i need verilog code/.... This is not how things works in forums, including this one. You have to first show what you attempted/achieved so far, and then ask help for a specific problem.
Hi, all! I search H-matrix for expurgated expurgated hamming code (63,56). This code is used for CCSDS tc decoding. The generator polynomial g(x) =x7 +x6 + x2 + 1
hi , i am using verilog code to fix the 12 bit input data . in my module number will be counted before this module and is an input . i want to change the bit number of main_data ( main_data) , because this bit is wrong so it should be toggled , but when its okeii , with every clk this bit changes and i dont want this to happen . i wa
hi, i need the coding for above title
I have to implement hamming Code ECC to Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM. At the moment 32/64/128 bit HC ECC has been implemented but takes more resources. I know that there is Built-In ECC and Soft ECC for Simple Dual Port RAM and I do not see for Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM in the CoreGen. My question is: Is ther
I have to do a correction circuit bit7, using hamming. I did the next: 116502 As you can see, there is 4 bits, so there must to be 3 redundant bits. I did the 3 C and the parity bits are b1 , b2 and b4. But, how the receiver circuit can correct the bit 7?, after the transmittance in the receiver I think b7 is:
i wanted to know how FIR LPF filter are derived To get a basic idea, you can try a classical design method, called "direct synthesis": - perform an inverse fourier transform of the intended frequency response. Assume a pure real-valued function for simplicity. - apply a window (e.g. Hanning, hamming, Blackman) to achieve a smoot
Hello In my OFDM system, I need to apply a hamming and Blackman window in frequency domain. My simulation is on Matlab. I've done a FFT of this window and did its convolution with my data in freq domain, but I'm not getting the desired results. :-( Can anyone help me to do this the correct way ? Thank you.
hello.. i need the matlab code of simple rayleigh fading channels for error correcting code (hamming code). i need to pass the input codeword and obtain the output. pls help me. Thank you
Hello, How many extra bits are needed in order to encode a 32 bit word using hamming code?
I am going to use 128 point hamming window to be implemented in Vhdl. In matlab, I obtained the values of the hamming window as: h = hamming(128); But, what Matlab gave me is varying values in the range 0 and 1. How can I convert these values into 8-bit to use them in vhdl?
An ECC-capable memory controller as used in many modern PCs (mostly medium- to high-end workstation and server-class) can detect and correct errors of a single bit per 64-bit "word" (the unit of bus transfer), and detect (but not correct) errors of two bits per 64-bit word. hamming code [
How to measure bit error rate in Matlab using hamming code?
Hi, Can any body tell me how does the hamming Code Work for the detection of two bit errors in digital Communication?
Hello, my final year project is FPGA Implementation of hamming far as I know, I need to write seperate programs for hamming Code, ROM, RAM, Clock Divider, Encoder, Decoder, Syndrome, Transmitter , Receiver and Main.The FPGA I'm using is Actel ProASIC 3 A3P250.The problem, I couldn't get the block diagram clear in my head.And I'm not gettin
hiii........... please give me a solution.
What is better for smoothing of time series: basic Moving Average or hamming filter or other weighted moving average? What are proc and cons?
how to calculate the hamming distance between two images?? or else suggest me another method for image matching.. a simple method..
hai to all members how to write fitness function to calculate hamming distance for different and to create shortest path using pso