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I am having trouble getting my handyboard to interpret the readings correctly from a temperature sensor. I'm not sure if the schematic online is correct and could use any help whatsoever. The sensors I have are the lm335z and the lm35, which should i use and how should i go about connecting it to the analog input of my microcontroller? Schematic
I used this in school to heres a link to the refrence manual. And one to freescale HC11 Legacy And another useful site
Hey, what prpblems are you facing..? Heres an example of using it,using the handyboard(Motorolla 68hC11).. However its programmed in Interactive C. You Just need to program the threshold value into the micro(0 to 255)...and when the sensor reaches tht value..the micro triggers an output. **ice**
Look here for some
although the following is geared more towards the hobbyist, here: in university in a mechatronics course we had to make a little 3-wheeled robot, the hardware was made up of a 68hc11 on the handyboard and the 'object avoidance' was handled by the polaroid 6500 sonar.
or get it from
The board is based on 68HC11 with all information about schematics, ICs, and also development software (interactive C). The board is developed from prototype board used for LEGO mindstorms.