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I need help with ORBITAL TV model OLM50042.Wont play movies from hard drive ,TV system says, USB software needs to be updated. Cant get any information from all searches and consultations . Where can I get this software?
Truetype fonts are high quality typefaces, commonly used in the computer world. Java is a popular programming language used to write many applications. Its routines are used by these programs (after Java is installed on your hard disk). The programs know where to look on our hard drive for Java once it is installed. We do not necessarily (...)
Today there are malwares that can encrypt data on your hard drive, then demand a money payment within a certain amount of time, in order to get your data back. With the internet becoming popular, there are also virus programs which hijack your browser, directing you to advertising and business websites. There are fake anti-virus programs, which t
Hello! Excuse my ignorance but I was reading about Photovoltaic Generators used as FET drivers, and the implication appears to be that operation only requires an initial pulse signal to drive a FET Vth on, with the PVI driver having it's own floating voltage source to manage the FET Vgs threshold. Is this correct? It's (...)
the disk is failing more and more as times goes by... buy an ssd drive, and change your hard drive - it will go 10x faster (yes 10 times not 10%) you will never go back with a mechanic hard drive.
hi genius .. i am trying to install the OS in my PC but hard disk not detected..:bang: 118662118661is there any solution for this?? pl check the attachment
Hi. A ~2009 discarded computer from a real estate agency was given to me for salvaging / parts. It exhibited no power-up and later the 'click-of-death?' illness. Fixed its power supply replacing bad electrolytic capacitors, fixed something corrupted in the hard drive by running chkdsk /p /r about 4 times. Now initializes fine, all data is there
HI ALL, I have this plotter .... I have few questions ... Do I need to install internal hard drive for this plotter? Where I can get firmware update for Flash SIMM card? Printer has ALL LEDs are blinking and on display I can see "A" Any ideas? Thank you for your help, guys.
FvM, I think you were looking at this from the wrong perspective. I think the instructor intends for the OP to build a PATA and later a SATA drive interface from scratch using the FPGA on the "research group an adapter board for the Beaglebone has been created that features (amongst other things) a modern FPGA circuit" The pro
A transformer has a nice property of shorting gate to source absent stimulus. Nice for fault and transitional operation, well behaved, hard to break, and cheap. Could get chubby at low frequency though.
Unless you get these in ceramic, I wouldn't hold my breath on how long they will work for cryo temperatures in a plastic sealed case. That being said, I was surprised once when asked to test a hard disk drive to see if it would fly ( 1um) at -40'C and complete power on self test ... for the military. The bearings squealed a bit, but it worked
Hi, I want to report the worst paths in a design. Worst means the ones that the synthesizer/backend-tool has a harder time to close timing for. I DO NOT just want the ones with the smallest slack, because low slack doesn't mean this path makes timing-closure harder. E.g. a relaxed path might use low-drive strength cells a
Hi all I want to mount a secodary hard drive in scientific linux: This is information of hard drive when i type fdisk -l Disk /dev/sdc: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes (...)
Hi group, Hope this is the right group? I have a Raspberry Pi running Wheezy with an external hard drive that is powered by an external power supply. It fails to reboot because the Pi turns off the hard drive while coming down and fails to turn it back on. I have researched this problem to no avail. So I was thing of (...)
Hello guys, I have a problem with my external hard drive. I connected it to my windows 7 laptop using an IDE to USB cable. I cannot open the folder. Anyway, more info can be requested from me but what I did is I typed "chkdsk H: /R /F" in the search for programs bar after clicking Start and then ran as administrator the chkdsk H: /R /F exe program
hello all, need you suggestion about this: is this possible to boot fedora from a usb drive (usb hard drive etc) connected to my laptop? is this equivalent to running fedora from hard drive partition of the laptop?
I would like to simulate a waveguide. First of all I haven't implement a pml layer, so reflections at pec walls (Transverse Planes of the Waveguide) are expected to be observed. I manually set the tangential Electric field at z=0 (which is not calculated using FDTD update equations) according to a drive function (sinusoidal or pulsed) in time and
Not sure what those source resistors are "47E". 47K? 47 ohm? Not sure why you need them at all. And are those 22K on the gates of the PMOSFETS? Why so high? The circuit looks basically correct, but I would verify several things: 1) Is it wired properly? 2) Is there enough gate drive to turn those mosfets on hard enough to handle the load? Nom
I have ORCAD V10.0 installed and running on Windows 7 in XP mode. Capture works fine and most of Layout. When I run the Post Processor for GERBER I get an unknown exception at 0. The THRUHOLE.TAP is not read only and erasing all instance of it on the hard drive doesn't help. I can copy the files over to a real XP machine and everything works. Work
You can get boot disks for Ubuntu. That allows you to run it from the disk without installing it on your hard drive. Not sure about other linux distros.
OK, so I managed to connect one of my laptop usb ports to the mains, dead laptop. I have pulled the 2.5" sata hard drive and put it in my desktop, the desktop recognizes it and accesses most of the files, so the hdd seems to be ok. However I had some files on the laptop desktop I cant find, either manually or using the search, how do I get data
how to format my computer system? give best methods More details required. Is this a new build PC, or are you replacing a hard drive in a working PC?
Had you tried to apply some ones of these bellow ? +++
The files are still on your hard drive, but their address has been removed. the more you use the computer, the more of them get over written and are lost for good. so install this and run it as quick as you can.
i want to work with thyristor .please suggest some firing circuit for thyristor. Hi hasan Your question is absolutely general and it is hard to answer your query as well . You must mention for what purpose and what kind of power you're going to drive a thyristor . there are plenty of driver circuits and you can use them but which
HI ALL I have 2 PC's both Have hard drive (of 160GB) identical drivers and software's, But one of PC hard drive is failed, As i dont have any software's and related operating system to install in New hard drive, So i need to get the Back up (cloning) from other PC (...)
I have a rather unusual problem with my Toshiba 500GB (7200rpm) hard disk in Lenovo E330 laptop. The detail of hard disk is given below. It has dual boot OS; Windows 7 and Linux. The problem is that on start/restart, the hard disk head seems to move back with a ssooo...tick sound and after 2 seconds the grub loads without problem. So (...)
I have external hard drive and i want to lock some folders in it. i dont want to hide folders. means all folders must be visible but for selected folders to open it should ask password. can anybody help me??? thanksssssss...
what type of hard drive you are referring to..?? is it PATA, SATA, or SSD..??
hi everybody can any one help me to develop circuit diagram for four wire hard disk drive. By KVS
Guys, How can I read USB flash drive with AVR ? Or PATA hard drive ? I want to use my old storage for AVR Any links or experiences ? Thanks
You need stiff current drive for hard switching, but if this is an analog function (closed loop follower, or some such) I recommend that you turn the limitation into a virtue, put your frequency compensation at the weak node (perhaps using an uncompensated or non-unity-gain- stable op amp to recoup some bandwidth and simplify the comp / stability
Hello guys, I'm building the light electro-mechanical shutter from a hard disk drive mentioned here: So I opened a hard-disk (different kind), and took the shutter part (as shown in the pictures), and by putting current in the coil, we can control the shutter. So, to drive the
I had used Servo motor for last two years. Got it from mmy Epson Dot Matrix printer ( 4 pin ) and Western Digital hard drive ( 3 Pin ) I burn my ICs as I did not care for Back EMF, the magnetic flex generated inside the motors. I learnt to use Diode ( rectifier ) protection on each pin before connecting with IC. Do you still ne
Without more information, it's hard to tell. Maybe it's a problem with your drive circuit. Maybe you've got a shorted cap.
The original error said it ran out of virtual memory. You could defrag your hard drive Then manually set your virtual memory page file to something huge, like 100 GB, and see if that helps. Sounds like ADS is bleeding into your virtual memory and not freeing it up when you start a new simulation Also, get CCleaner and run a clean before every
Hi, I've had an idea floating in my head about powering a external 3.5" hard drive from a car. I understand that a car's system can go from 11 to 13.8v without the starter and down to 6v when the starter engages due to the high amperage. A hard drive needs a steady 12v. I would think a simple 12v regulator would work but give
CRC is cyclic redundancy check, which is a error detecting code. On you hard drive, there are a defined blocks of data. When the check fails, that means the checksum of the number of blocks of data does not equal the sum of data as computed from within the data algorithm. Most of the cases you would possibly lose part of the data stored, you can u
Hi, I have a laptop Acer ASPIRE 4920 and want to replace the hard disk from 250GB to 2TB/3TB. But i am not sure it's SATA or IDE. Here the screenshots: 881338813488135 Any help appreciated. :) Thanks..
Check for any virises or malware in your software on some other computer with appropriate software. Install windows after making partitions and formatting hard drive. Install service pack and Netframework.(See if netframework is required before driver installation) Install at least driver for motherboard.(See if it is (...)
I wouldn't need a usb injector for a 3.5" desktop drive... I'd just need to power it from the firewire port. what would I need to drop the 30V down to 12V? I'm sure a 7812 reg would need some help in that regard. The hard drive has a seperate 12v barrel power input. laptop size drives are no problem. I have a Y adaptor for th
Try Two Other .. hard driver Partition for example (install 2012 in C: drive) and .. (2010 in D drive ) ... and you can have the both ... but first you had to install 2010 then install 2012 ..
Hello, I am working on DC-DC Converter circuit with specification of Operating Frequency - 3.45Mhz, Vin - 30V,
Without seeing a more detailed circuit it's hard to tell. How are you measuring the AC current in the LEDs and the regulator output?
"hard to drive" has a hidden qualifier behind it, dropped for convenience or ignorance of details. Could be something like "without damaging overshoots" or "given that I insist on using on-chip CMOS low voltage low current output buffers" or "while maintaining required edge rate and eye opening" or whatever. This is all contextual and you have
The display of this device consists of two parts: base with engine and rotating part with the glowing ruler (the rotor). The base was made of a hard drive with electronics and engine. The engine is controlled by the
Hello, I am master's student enrolled in the hardware track of Computer Engineering. I am working on a research project in the area of Leakage Power and Low Power Design at architectural level. My aim is to develop a mechanism so that we can control the temperature of the the individual components like hard drive, video card, CPU when (...)
HI, I am trying to understand the maximum power consumption of a 3.5 inch SATA hard drive. Could anyone help me with a power requirements for it?
I tell you what I did since I got the 64bit version of Windows. I gave up searching for compatible software and drivers and I put on a separate partition of my hard drive a 32bit version of Windows XP. That will fix all the problems.