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Why memory is hard macro ?
A macro is an IP you buy/download. A module is RTL code you write yourself or other people in your company write As for soft vs. hard + definitions check here
Hello All, What is the difference between hard|soft macro, partition block and black box. Also, when we talk about the placement status of a block, what is the difference between placed and fixed? Also, what is 'cover' in the same context? I understand that 'unplaced' will allow the (...)
hi shitansh, by logic implementation of hard macro do you mean the netlist for it?
Can someone briefly tell me the difference between hard and soft macro blocks? Thanks.
Halo is a soft constraint whereas blockage is hard constraint. For example, we can use halo around any sub-block or macro. In that case, the tool will try to refrain routing in those area but still the pins of the macro will be connected using routing. For blockage, the tool should not route (...)
A "soft macro" is a sub-unit of a chip (eg: a USB controller) that is presented as RTL code. Synthesis, placement and routing have not been done. A "hard macro" is a sub-unit of a chip that has been synthesized, placed and routed so that the designer gets it as a GDSII layout description. (...)
hard macros are fully placed/routed macros that are available as post P&R netlists. These netlists cannot be modified and can be placed directly into the final chip design. soft macros come in various forms such as RTL code, synthesized netlists,etc. (...)
soft macro --> RTL IP. Firm macro --> Netlist targeted for any process. (can be for Fpga or ASIC) hard macro.--> GDSII Layout of the design.

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