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I want to read "MO CONNECT" string in SIM900 while call is connected for doing code. I am using ATmega32 & AVR studio. Please provide the code for that put your work till now your hardware build and the coding you done till now.
Have you already reviewed the hardware manual how to connect microphone and speaker? Refer to the description of ATD command how to setup a mobile originated voice call.
Hello, ok, what you really need know about this module? I think the both have the same module sim300, but maybe alittle different features. Take a look at this: Hope this helps.;-)
I'm using a manufactured MCU board with a sim300 module, and need to do a Reset or power cycle of the sim300. I need to reset the sim300 every 10 days. For some reason the sim300 controller board will send a daily test message for 11-12 days reliably, then fails, and is not reliable again until the unit is restarted. (...)
Hello Download the hardware manual of sim300. In this PDF you will get Pin Configuration.
I have sim300 module connected to an electronic hardware. I need to transmit certain information (Voltage, Current, etc) to a remote server. The purpose of this process is to display the information (Voltage, Current, etc) finally on a webpage which can be accessed from anywhere. I have come across a number of posts on various Fourms about this
I am still confused about... 1. Any gsm module is ready made compatible to ttl? 2. I had lots a search about hardware interfacing between sim300 and 8051, but steel not succeed, engineersgarage and other same website doesnt get to take look in free. Please send anykind of project relating sim300 and 8051, just only need to watch how they (...)
I looked through the hardware specification of the sim300 and the User manual of the SIM900. The following things i found: 1. The power supply of sim300 is from a single voltage source of VBAT= 3.4V...4.5V. In some case, the ripple in a transmit burst may cause voltage drops when current consumption rises to typical peaks of 2A, So the (...)
HI Kunal u have to give the hardware connection like Tx(MC) -- Tx(GSm Modem) Rx(MC) -- Rx(GSM MOdem) Jus try it ,,, or upload ur code.... we can help u out
Hi everyone, Communication between 89V51RD2 & Hyper-terminal and sim300 & Hyper-terminal is proper but, when i try to communicate between 89V51RD2 & sim300 nothing is happening. I have tried all the ways. hardware connection : Controller & Modem both has RS232 so, connecting it directly still no output. Could anyone suggest what else (...)
The sim300 is not detected as a device, this feature doesn't exist in a serial connection, you will only see the serial listed in the devices. You can only check the connection by using a terminal and using the AT command to see if the modem answers. Check the baud rate setting and com number in the hardware list, set the baud to 9600 and apply th
Hello every one!i purchased a sim300 EVB (hardware description attached) but the vendor did not provide me with the actual sim300 module.and the problem is that this sim300 module is not available in my city,and i cant travel myself to the other city to get it.hence i am getting it delivered.. now i asked the (...)
Hi frnds.. i'm doing final year project of "IVR Board". so i'm using phillips P89v51rd2 microcontroller and SIM 300 GSM module. i've finished all the hardware parts and it is working fine.. but i'm not getting how to write code to interface GSM.. i've written sample program to send AT to GSM. It is working fine. but i'm not getting how to write
Hello! I can succesfuly connect to the server with sim900 using transparent with tcp. I have hardware(cts/rts) flow control enabled. But, after sending last byte and inbetween when waiting for recommended 1000ms and before sending the "+++" sequence, CTS signal goes high, like: : connect to the server, transparent mode, escape sequence enable
I can't find anything about SIM 300C would you help me? I attached hardware design file I got it from simcom's web page.
Hi guys!! i m working on desiging a circuit to hardware interface between ATmega 32 and sim 300. wat i like to ask that is there any software to design this circuit i.e Proteus, Express PCB etc or do i have to order somone in electronics markets to make for me...... Does any body have schematics of hardware interface between ATMEGA32 and sim3
can anybody pls explain me about the alarm mode in sim300?? I read the sim300 hardware manual and such stuff but i could not understand from anywhere as to what happens when alarm is set off and which pin goes high?? Also i read if its set to silent mode it just sends a text. So what is this text and where is it sent to and how to access it??
Thanks s.kesavan for your reply. Voltages and hardware has been taken care of. My worry is: Which are the AT commands (and in what sequence) are to be used to acieve this task. I have also posted this query on one of my favourite forum:
Hi Raja_merit, I have uploaded the hardware design for the sim300. I think you can get all the information from there. Hope it can help you. Good Luck.
Hi I am looking for molex(53729-60pin) connector footprint for sim300 module or equivalent footprint. I am using Orcad9 so,if anyone have it,please help me.