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Hello, I have to design Opamp based hartley oscilator which oscilates at 35 khz(sine wave).Ive spent my 2 days to design this but I was huge challange.I checked online but no luck and also I use Pspice and Proteus for my must be opamp based. :-| Thanks.
There are many topplogies for those frequencies like DRO,YIG, Ceramic Resonator oscillator, etc. What kind of topology you intend to use ? What purpose will work for ??? Forget about Colpitts,hartley,Clapp oscillators and lumped L-C components they are not suitable for those frequencies.You should consider either Distributed type (...)
I know, this circuit can be found in the internet. However, it does not work. Why not? It is derived from the original hartley BJT circuit without considering that the BJT acts as a current source. That means: Large output resistance. In your circuit and with Rout=0 the inductor L0 is useless as it acts as a load only and has no influence on feedba
The above links show how to design an oscillator for a certain configuration, but I was unable to see an example of how this theory can apply to the design on a practical circuit such as a colptts or a hartley oscillator. Does anyone know where I
............................. or in case of an ideal OP, one inductor is simply shorted. In other words, the resonant circuit is reduced to a single LC topology. As a result, the LC phase shift is smaller than 180° and the oscillation condition can't be fulfilled, at least for an ideal OP. Yes, the first inductor of the
Hi all, Please verify if the circuit looks fine or not. One thing I would like to ask is that what amplitude of oscillations is generally acceptable? I have designed oscillators with 1-2V peak magnitude and also in uV range like this one is around 90mV peak. According to me if I manipulate RC (in BJT) or RD (in JFET) I can increase this le
Please tell me the procedure for designing an hartley or colpitt oscillator( with voltage divider bias).any links or something. I need the mathematical procedure. plz... :?::?::?::cry:
I want to design a local oscillator for a FM radio receiver. I have tried many oscillators i.e. colpitt oscillator, hartley oscillator. But they are not working well. Another issue which i am facing is the stability. When the Capacitor / Indusctor is changed to select different frequencies, (...)
You can design an RC or LC oscillator, or obtain the signal by frequency division from a higher frequency oscillator/ microcontroller, if you already use it in your project. For RC, design a Wien bridge or phase shift oscillator. For LC, the classical types hartley, Colpitts... . For (...)
hello, i need to build collpits, hartley, and clapp oscillator using transistor, but i'm confused on the design step. anybody can help me??
I would like to build a circuit for a hartley oscillator and was wondering what design to best go for. The frequency should be around 500MHz. So I was thinking about whether to use discrete components and use an ugly board construction or rather go and buy an oscillator chip to which I can attach external (...)
i have a problem about our project to design a hartley's oscillator which will have an output of 2 MHz. in our textbook there is a circuit that uses an amplifier but as i have searched in the internet i didn't see any circuit that uses an amplifier. please if you have an idea there can you help me!! :cry:
Hi, I want to construct one AM transmitter which can transmit high frequency(High bit rate) signals.. For example,DTMF signals.. First step i want to build one oscillator which will provide good wave form out put(Clear wave form).. I am planning to go for hartley.. It seems if we design it using crystal,it will yeild better reslut.. (...)