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hi everybody i have a problem to simulate my code-vision code in Proteus, when i start simulating, it's come error same as title, my code an Proteus image is below, please help me to solve it. thanks in advanced. 105525 /******************************************************* This program was created by the Cod
hello, if you have a hd44780 compliant LCD you can use the command Cursor or display shift Shift step is one letter .. with RS=0 RW=0 Data= 0001 S/C R/L x x R=Right Cde=0x1C L=LEFT Cde=0x18 MikroC include theses commands Lcd8_Cmd(_LCD_SHIFT_LEFT); Lcd8_Cmd(_LCD_SHIFT_RIGHT);
Post a few images of the LCD in question, along with any visible part numbers. With 21 pins, it is most likely not an hd44780 compatible chipset. Perhaps it is a GLCD or segment LCD? BigDog
Recently i have purchase a 16 by 2 lcd display,that is DT1602C. I connected the pins of lcd display to PIC and potentiometer.But the backlight newer turned on despite there is 5V voltage supply. My question is it hd44780 compatible ? Can it interface with a 5V pic and potentiometer ? Thank you.
A hd44780 based or compatible LCD display requires a proper amount of time to powerup, initialize and arrive at a known state. If you display resembles the It usually indicates the LCD was not allowe
its a simple lcd 16x02 It's surely hd44780 compatbile, but you should pay attention to the port expander/interface chip shown on the photo in your initial post. It decides if you can use the built-in mikroC libararies or need to write something on your own.
Hello, I am trying to make a hd44780 compatible LED Dot matrix display. Apparently, a French guy made a design that worked, can be found here: when I replicated his design, from the images that he presents, all I got was a couple of flash
Hi, Looking for a way to serially transmit Data to a HD4470 LCD. Both the source and the LCD are parallel. Easy enough to get a serial LCD, problem is my source is parallel, so I would have to convert that to serial first. Tks
Dear All, My Xmega128A1 with hd44780 LCD program does not working It should be much appreciated if any one can advice me /* * My_first.c * * Created: 8/11/2
Hello All, I am trying to simulate a hd44780 in Proteus (or any other program that may have hd44780) but I can not seem to find the 80 pin chip without the character glass. I just want the chip itself for the simulation. Is it possible to make one from the LCD s in Proteus, or is there another way? Thanks.
Hi everyone i'm trying to use hd44780-based Character-LCD(4line20character) . I found some material from some forums but couldn't make it. If you check my software steps i appreciate it: 1st: I designate port configurations #define RS PORTA,0 #define RW PORTA,1 #define E PORTA,2 #define LCD_DATA PORTB #def
which lcd are u working with...character(hd44780) or a graphical lcd... in case of character lcd make sure u are setting it up correctly....
hi i bought a new 16x02 hd44780 compliant. I can initialize the display and i display the cursor and move it the second line without problem, but it doesn't show any character.When i swap it my other 16x04 display, every thing works fine. it's pretty weird.Can someone tell me what's going on. here's my code ;=========================
Does mikroC LCD Library work with JHD162A LCD. I am trying to display some text on JHD162A lcd using mikroC 4 bit lcd library and the lcd doesn't disply any thing. The JHD162A utilizes an hd44780 compatible controller, therefore it should be compatible with the mikroC 16x2 LCD library routines. P
A silly idea regarding a solution outside of the predefined box you have worked yourself into. 1 - add a simple MCU to the system 2 - use ChibiOS/GFX to handle all your hd44780 fun (it's bound to be a hd44780, right :P) 3 - implement a simple SPI statemachine to send high level commands to your mcu. 4 - profit 5 - stand amazed how easy that was, a
Hi all! I'm new on this forum and I want to sorry for my mistakes (English is not my native language). My problem is how to interface hd44780 and memory card. I used this program (ignore the comments) #include // #define LCD PORTB #define E 3 #define RS 2 // #define SET_E LCD |= _BV(E) #define CLR_E LCD &= ~_
Hi, This is a simple stuff and the LCD is based on hd44780. A lot of examples are there. You have to just check the connectivity i.e. (4/8 bit mode). Enjoy!
Code works ok on hd44780 if he remove part mentioned in post 2.
The pins of most IC's probably including the hd44780 have protection diodes conneced to ground and their supply lines. They are there to protect the IC in case excessive voltage is put on a pin, the idea is they safely conduct the excess into either ground or the supply. If you remove the VDD connection, the supply line voltage drops below that of
I want to know how to read data from LCD? (hd44780). We have to make RS and RW pins = 1. Then what. Will the LCD data be placed on LAD_DATA port? LCD_DATA port will we output port then how to read data? I need to shift text on particular lines of LCD. I am using 4-bit LCD.