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I have a 2x16 caharacter based lcd. There is a font selection of 5x10 but it does show the characters big. What i want to do is when i want, the characters on the screen should be big and there should be only one line. I onyl want to show the numbers big. But i use both the 1 line and 2 lines modes. How can we do this. Should we use cgram for this
Hey all, From what I see there is nothing wrong with this code. It is for a hd44780 lcd, and this should initialize for 4 bit mode and then turn on the display/cursor. I get a bunch of warning for parameters without init value having a constant value of zero or something. Aren't initial values for register types always zero? [/quot
I am using MPLAB v8.10 and am trying to innitialise an LCD display and write something to it just to prove I have control pf it via the pic in 8 bit mode. It will bviously be part of a larger program eventualy and I have also written the program for A/D as shown. At the moment nothing appears on the LCD and I can see where in the program I hae gon
I am currently doing a project using hd44780 20x4 LCD display and PIC18F252 to produce a simplistic Battery monitor. At the moment all I wish to achieve is taking a voltage from a shunt amplified to around 3v and the voltage from the battery reduced to 3v and display these on the LCD display. obviously the voltage acros the shunt is proportional to
Refers To hd44780 datasheet. I assume that you use Hitachi chips for lcd text controller right? Datasheet link: please look at the init time and your microcontroller datasheet for LCD timing. Happy Learning and good luck
PIC16F877A microcontroller connection with hd44780 LCD,C code for programming PIC16F877A to interface LCD
CodeVision has library functions to facilitate the handling of LCD modules built with the Hitachi hd44780 chip or equivalent, why not use it?
Equipment: PIC18F4455 MCU 4x20 LCD with hd44780 assembley language using MPLAB IDE. Helo I tray display integer value on LCD. I know, it`s only convert int to string and voila! but standard C++ convert procedures like ---> itoa doesn`t work. Any idea ? void main(void) { int k = 1234; TRISD = 0x00; //-- Port D as ou
just write "hd44780" "lcd" and "pic" on will give u a lot of information.
Hi all, I've see that many people have trouble about LCD interfacing, I've just finish to develop a library to do all the things needed to drive a hd44780 LCD controller based display with a PIC. My application is able to work with 4 bit interface (in order to save 4 pin of the microcontroller) and also isn't restricted to some PIC, just change th
Hi, I am trying to get an LCD hd44780 LCD working with an ATmega324P. The LCD works fine in the self-test mode (pin 3 grounded) but I get nothing when trying to send data via the MCU. I am using the lcd code sample that comes with avr-libc and 4-bit communication via port C. Any suggestions of what might be wrong are appreciated. Franci
The display contróller datasheet should be consulted at least! It's probably a hd44780 compatible controller, the datasheet is around the corner at the internet, also present at EDAboard most likely. User character generator is limited to 8 characters however, but it's good for a lot of options.
Here I would like to ask some help..... For me it is the first time for interfacing hd44780 LCD with PIC 16F877.... How can I study for that...... I find some webpages which discuss about hd44780 and 16F84A..... So what is the different for programming with 16F877 and 16F84A? How can I upgrade the souce code of 16F84A to 16F877? Best regard
Most of the LCDs use the standard hd44780 chip or the KS which is also hd44780 compliant chip. Here is a zip file that might help you in interfacing the LCD with MCU.
I have used this page several times and it should help with building an interface library for a hd44780 lcd. Sadly, I do not know any examples for that particular compiler...but there are many out there for other PIC compilers which should be helpful even if it isn't a direct copy & paste.
Pelase! I need a source code in C (to build with SDCC in lnux) to make a PIC16F628 use a 44780 LCD. I found only in assembler :cry: Tanks!!!
From the schematic, it's 2x16 alphanumeric type, a Hitachi hd44780 compatbile industry standard. It's the said display appearing every second day in forum topics as "how to access LCD with FPGA" etc.
Hi! I did this C code for initilazation LCD (16x2) and write some text on it, but nothing happen, pin 1 to GND, pin 2 to 5V, pin3 is 1V above GND Used PIC16F877A, 4MHz crystal void WrCmd2Lcd(char cmd); void WrDat2Lcd(char data); void InitLcd(); void Speech(char words,int position); void main() { char hello="HELLO WORLD!\n";
hello everyone, :D merry Xmas!:D I have some question about LCD hd44780 of hitachi ! which is difference between V1-V2..V5(pin 26->30) and VCC pin (in datasheet below they say that they are also power supply)! and which is the usage of COM1->COM16 pin!