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Hi, I think this is a hardware limitation. Standard 2x16 lcd display usally use hd44780 chip, which CGRAM can only store 8 (5x8 format) or 4 (5x10 foramt) user defined character. To display a text composed with all the 29 specific character, you will have to send each specific character on the CGRAM. Then display it (the specific charater is s
(471 KB) The application allows to edit characters files and to plan the location of texts on various matrices for hd44780-Based LCD displays (1x16, 1x20, 2x8, 2x16, 2x20, 2
hello, all my friends I'm using LCD hd44780 I want to build myself LCD character by using the character box but I don't know much detail about it.How do I build them? plz tell me more detail about that problem.And send me some Example. thank you
ok catch it =)
hi guys i am using a 5282 coldfire processor and trying to interface a 2x8 lcd with hd44780 controller. i am trying to use the general purpose io pins from 5282 processor and have written a simple code just to initialize the display but it is not getting initialized. i am able to write the data on the gpio successfully. I tested it by putting l
Greetings. I changed the old hd44780 16x1 display for this one because it has backlight and is 16x2 BUT it has a S6A0069 controller chip. I researched very much on the net and found they say S6A0069 LCDs displays are compatible with hd44780, so I connected it with the same pinout. When I turn on the circuit LCD initializes and shows the text
The application allows to edit characters files for hd44780-Based (471 KB)
Hi, i am interfacing the VARITRONIX 20X4 lcd the part number is MDLS20464-LV-LED04 with 8051 based controller i previously interfaced hd44780 20x4LCD no problem but when i am using same program with this LCD it is not working i think program is working fine there is any problem in Contrast voltage at pin 3 i don't know why the data is
this code is using in the LCM driver by 44780 ,if your LCD is not driver by hd44780,then you should modify some code,refer to the datasheet of your LCM. the Initial code is very important,and maybe it is different if your different typr LCD.
Hi, I'm working on LCD hd44780. To display text or value is no problem but I want to display moving message on it. I don't understand it. Could anyone help me, pls! I'll be very thanksful! (fan of C language) :D
hi does the LCDs based on st7066u driver is working the same way like the Hitachi hd44780 based . if not can any one help in the steps i need to initialize and work with it thanks
I have several displays teken from broken faxes "PHILIPS".I can't find any info on them.They look like hd44780.All i found is that it's produced by SAMSUNG.If any one can help, Ill be very grateful.
if you are using hd44780 based LCD module it can be done very easily. check out this page
Since you did not point out which LCD controller is used, but many of character type LCM used hd44780/KS0066(S6A0069) or compatible. As your mentions and code, I think the LCM is set on "1-line display mode". So, to try to change/replace as this line in 'LCD_Init' of LCD_A.C: (you used 0x32) LCD_Send_Byte(0x22,0); // Sets Interface to 4
hello, i need an internet site or program that can simulate the lcd functions ( hitachi's hd44780 ) and abilities . anyone ?????? avi.
Try this for the instruction set of hd44780 Use this and write a routine program yourself. Or refer this topic: Try writing in assembly language, its easier. But of course the choice is subjective. Regards.
Hi, Can anyone show me where in the datasheet for the following LCD sceen it indicates the controller IC that they used. The screen is a 16x4 character LCD from Mark Products. On their website it only states that the screen is hd44780 comatable, however the timing seems to off since I cant get the screen to initialize. Thanks in advance
Hi, I need some help interfacing a hd44780 compatable LCD screen to the PIC18F4550. I am however having some problems, I recompiled the header as the datasheet? said. However even after increasing the dealy time significantly, the screen still does nothing. I am sure the screen is functional as is is brand new. The screen is a LMM86S027C2E from N
Do you mean hd44780 16x2 LCD?
hi.. I have a project that pic16f84a interface with LCD hd44780.... the LCD display word but it like "on and off" which mean the "hello world" word is there for a second and disappear and there again....... so any solution?