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dear all iwant to interface a lcd 2X 16 line hd44780 with pic16f876a using HITECH C .i am not able to get anything written on the screen. can any one please provide me the right code.
Hi! Well what i understand is that you want to display the result of ADC on a Character LCD. In order to do this you will have to write the driver for the lcd display. Simply study the pdf for hd44780 and you will understand how to display data on an LCD. if you need a readymade driver then i have got it. feel free to ask if you need
does anyone pliz have a code for initializing the hd44780 lcd using a pic 16f872 inn 8-bit mode.
Hie Lookin for a code to convert the voltage output from the LM35 temperature sensorn being fed into a pic16f872 to degrees celcius and displaying the measured temperature onto an hd44780 lcd
I was designing PIC microcontroller based LCD oscilloscope PIC 16f876 & hd44780 LCD . i had changed my PIC will be compatible or not. i want to know is thereany difference between these two PIC.plz its urgent In 16F876, port A conmtains ADC only where as in 16F876A, port A contains ADC & COMPARATORS. Program
Because your LCD uses a standard Hitachi controller you can google out a heap of examples. Anyway, here is an excerpt from one of my commercial projects I've made in the past. It uses 16F877 MCU and 4-bit mode connected LCD with a standard Hitachi hd44780 controller. I also strongly recommend you to take a look at Application Maestro software n
DMC 16249 is based on hd44780 controller. Read more about using the controller here . If you post the code, then someone in this forum could suggest a cure. It is possible to have not initialized properly the display but you can have some problem if your software relies on delays rathe
Hi, I've got several LCD character modules, varying in size and price, none of which are 'wide temperature range', so they don't need a negative bias. I've used the usual voltage divider on the VO/VEE pin, to give 0.1-0.9V. But.. I read somewhere on google (EDN magazine?) about supplying a negative voltage to VEE to improve contrast
"HY1602B (Hyper 1602B) with KS0065 controller (compatible with hd44780) and backlight." Check this site:
i'm interfacing LCD hd44780 with PIC16F877.. 4 bit data transfer..when doin LCD Initialisation..i dont understand the need of Lcdcmdout Routine: ; Lcdcmdout Routine LC02: MOVWF R4L BCF 0x06,3 BCF 0x06,0 MOVLW 0x0F ANDWF 0x06,F MOVF R4L,W ANDLW 0xF0 IORWF 0x06,F BSF 0x06,2 NOP BCF 0x06,2 SWAPF R4L,F MOVLW 0x0F A
I'm using Hi-tech PicC-lite compiler,it comes with some sample C codes.The routines in LCD.c work quite fine for 16F84 but when I change to 16F877 with the same pin connections nothing promts on LCD. The code is below.... Thanx in advance... /* * LCD i
most text lcds use the same controller hd44780 and same 14-pin interface. you should be able to use this lcd according to any industry standard display..
Sorry, I do not understand. Are you looking for a way to interface the hd44780 to a micro?
I have code that works with hd44780. Can you confirm the IC your LCD display uses? Is it hd44780 based?
hi there! could any one please send me any information about the driver of this lcd and how to deal with it. is it like the hitachi hd44780?:idea: thanx
The KS0066 / KS0066U is software compatible to the industry standard hd44780 controller. So you have a very standard LC module. The only thing that is a little bit different is the fact that the backlight uses only one pin (hence 15 pins, instead of the more common 16). But that should not cause any trouble. General character LC module info:
I suggest to try the hd44780
Yes, it is possible. Take a look at this appnote If you have an LCD based on the hd44780 or similar, it will be much easier. Are you really considering driving the LCD directly with the PIC?
definitely Hitachi an example is the hd44780 which is found in 16x2 LCDs
Hi, There are plenty of LCD tutorials for the 'hd44780'(probably what you've got), just search google for it, I got loads of decent results. Thats if you want to write your own code. There are also many snippets of code for C, assembly, basic, all over the net for initializing and controlling this type of LCD. Good Luck, BuriedCode.