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hi does the lcds based on st7066u driver is working the same way like the Hitachi hd44780 based . if not can any one help in the steps i need to initialize and work with it thanks
I have several displays teken from broken faxes "PHILIPS".I can't find any info on them.They look like hd44780.All i found is that it's produced by SAMSUNG.If any one can help, Ill be very grateful.
if you are using hd44780 based lcd module it can be done very easily. check out this page
Since you did not point out which lcd controller is used, but many of character type LCM used hd44780/KS0066(S6A0069) or compatible. As your mentions and code, I think the LCM is set on "1-line display mode". So, to try to change/replace as this line in 'lcd_Init' of lcd_A.C: (you used 0x32) (...)
hello, i need an internet site or program that can simulate the lcd functions ( hitachi's hd44780 ) and abilities . anyone ?????? avi.
Try this for the instruction set of hd44780 Use this and write a routine program yourself. Or refer this topic: Try writing in assembly language, its easier. But of course the choice is subjective. Regards.
Hi, Can anyone show me where in the datasheet for the following lcd sceen it indicates the controller IC that they used. The screen is a 16x4 character lcd from Mark Products. On their website it only states that the screen is hd44780 comatable, however the timing seems to off since I cant get the screen to initialize. Thanks in advance
Hi, I need some help interfacing a hd44780 compatable lcd screen to the PIC18F4550. I am however having some problems, I recompiled the header as the datasheet? said. However even after increasing the dealy time significantly, the screen still does nothing. I am sure the screen is functional as is is brand new. The screen is a LMM86S027C2E from N
Do you mean hd44780 16x2 lcd?
hi.. I have a project that pic16f84a interface with lcd hd44780.... the lcd display word but it like "on and off" which mean the "hello world" word is there for a second and disappear and there again....... so any solution?
dear all iwant to interface a lcd 2X 16 line hd44780 with pic16f876a using HITECH C .i am not able to get anything written on the screen. can any one please provide me the right code.
Hi! Well what i understand is that you want to display the result of ADC on a Character lcd. In order to do this you will have to write the driver for the lcd display. Simply study the pdf for hd44780 and you will understand how to display data on an lcd. if you need a readymade driver then i have got it. feel (...)
does anyone pliz have a code for initializing the hd44780 lcd using a pic 16f872 inn 8-bit mode.
Hie Lookin for a code to convert the voltage output from the LM35 temperature sensorn being fed into a pic16f872 to degrees celcius and displaying the measured temperature onto an hd44780 lcd
I was designing PIC microcontroller based lcd oscilloscope PIC 16f876 & hd44780 lcd . i had changed my PIC will be compatible or not. i want to know is thereany difference between these two PIC.plz its urgent In 16F876, port A conmtains ADC only where as in 16F876A, port A contains ADC & COMPARATORS. Program
Because your lcd uses a standard Hitachi controller you can google out a heap of examples. Anyway, here is an excerpt from one of my commercial projects I've made in the past. It uses 16F877 MCU and 4-bit mode connected lcd with a standard Hitachi hd44780 controller. I also strongly recommend you to take a look at Application Maestro (...)
DMC 16249 is based on hd44780 controller. Read more about using the controller here . If you post the code, then someone in this forum could suggest a cure. It is possible to have not initialized properly the display but you can have some problem if your software relies on delays rathe
Hi, I've got several lcd character modules, varying in size and price, none of which are 'wide temperature range', so they don't need a negative bias. I've used the usual voltage divider on the VO/VEE pin, to give 0.1-0.9V. But.. I read somewhere on google (EDN magazine?) about supplying a negative voltage to VEE to improve contrast
"HY1602B (Hyper 1602B) with KS0065 controller (compatible with hd44780) and backlight." Check this site:
i'm interfacing lcd hd44780 with PIC16F877.. 4 bit data transfer..when doin lcd Initialisation..i dont understand the need of lcdcmdout Routine: ; lcdcmdout Routine LC02: MOVWF R4L BCF 0x06,3 BCF 0x06,0 MOVLW 0x0F ANDWF 0x06,F MOVF R4L,W ANDLW 0xF0 IORWF 0x06,F BSF 0x06,2 NOP BCF (...)