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I'm using Hi-tech PicC-lite compiler,it comes with some sample C codes.The routines in lcd.c work quite fine for 16F84 but when I change to 16F877 with the same pin connections nothing promts on lcd. The code is below.... Thanx in advance... /* * (...)
most text lcds use the same controller hd44780 and same 14-pin interface. you should be able to use this lcd according to any industry standard display..
Sorry, I do not understand. Are you looking for a way to interface the hd44780 to a micro?
I have code that works with hd44780. Can you confirm the IC your lcd display uses? Is it hd44780 based?
hi there! could any one please send me any information about the driver of this lcd and how to deal with it. is it like the hitachi hd44780?:idea: thanx
The KS0066 / KS0066U is software compatible to the industry standard hd44780 controller. So you have a very standard LC module. The only thing that is a little bit different is the fact that the backlight uses only one pin (hence 15 pins, instead of the more common 16). But that should not cause any trouble. General character LC module info:
I suggest to try the hd44780
Yes, it is possible. Take a look at this appnote If you have an lcd based on the hd44780 or similar, it will be much easier. Are you really considering driving the lcd directly with the PIC?
Hi, There are plenty of lcd tutorials for the 'hd44780'(probably what you've got), just search google for it, I got loads of decent results. Thats if you want to write your own code. There are also many snippets of code for C, assembly, basic, all over the net for initializing and controlling this type of lcd. Good Luck, BuriedCode.
Hello hd44780 are the popular character module: Pin 1 - Vss Pin 2 - Vdd Pin 3 - V0 Pin 4 - RS Pin 5 - R/W Pin 6 - E Pin 7 - DB0 Pin 8 - DB1 Pin 9 - DB2 Pin 10 - DB3 Pin 11- DB4 Pin 12 - DB5 Pin 13 - DB6 Pin 14 - DB7 A - LED (+) K - LED (-) I hope this helps you. If yes, please leave me 'helped' points. Thank you Mav
Before initializing the lcd, you have to wait about 100 mSec after power ON, in order to allow the hd44780 controller to wakeup and gain the lcd system control. The accurate time to wait after Power ON can be obtained easily from the hd44780 datasheet. I can attach it for you if u wish. Yours,
You want an example schematic? search google for 'PIC lcd' :) Assuming you are using the hd44780 or equivelent lcd module.... VEE is indeed the contrast adjust, while most people tend to connect this to the wiper of a variable resistor, (each lug VCC and GND) I always end up having the pot very nearly at GND. But I wouldn't connect it (...)
Hi all, I?ve a 16x2 lcd module, not sure at all if it?s hd44780 compatible. I need to drive this one with 16f84a just to verify if it?s working properly. I tried to make it work with no good result. Can anybody give me the working code for the same? Thanks
Hello!! I want to create a custom character for my lcd 2x16... i have read the description for hd44780 controller, but i do not understand how to write in the GCRAM... my GCRAM address is 0x40.. have you hany example code??? Tks....
Hi all, I?ve a 16x2 lcd module, I don?t know at all if this one is hd44780 controller compatible or not? Pin name/number printed on it is exactly the same as HD447870 one. Is there any way to determine it, so that I can get assured of it? Thanks
Guys, I need some advice on interfacing a 2 x 16 hd44780 display to a PC via the parallel port. In a nutshell here are the connections as supplied with the part. LPT pin 1 to pin 6 (E) on lcd LPT pins 2 - 9 to pin 7 - pin14 (DB0 - DB7) on lcd LPT pin 17 to pin 4 (RS) on lcd +5v to pin 2 (Vdd) on (...)
You can try hd44780 based lcds. They can be controlled easily. So you don't need another driver etc.
Greeting Do you know where to find a schematic for AT89C51 and lcd module (hd44780) and C software for writing characters on lcd? Thank in advance Maverickmax
Hello everyone! Could anyone tell me how alphanumeric lcd (ex. like hd44780-based) can handle Chinese language? As far as I know, Chinese has some thousands hieroglyphs and I have no idea how 128 extended characters from ASCII table can handle it. Thanks!
you lcd is based hd44780 controller and you can find datasheet about this controller and comand, address and combination about caracter that might you want to show all avaible through datsheet