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I hooked up a Hitachi hd44780 based 2x16 LCD with pic18F2420. Now on the bootup, I should see boxes in the top row (Typical for a hd44780 based LCD). But what I see is 8 boxes in top row and 8 boxes in Bottom row. Is the LCD Blown or something else is wrong? I have attached a snapshot of LCD display 53699
Please check the following code of pic16F877 with LCD interfaced. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ; Source code for the pic16F877A based interfacing with hd44780 based 16x2 LCD. (...)
Hello, i'm trying to initialize an lcd hd44780 using a 16F887 microcontroller but it seems that something is wrong with the code. include temp1 equ h'20' temp2 equ h'21' temp3 equ h'22' org h'0000' nop bsf STATUS,RP0 bcf TRISD,0 bcf STATUS,RP0 bcf PORTD,0 ;stelnei 0 bsf STATUS,RP0 bcf TRISD,1
Hi, For microcontroller use AVR or pic or anything else. I suggest AVR. For display, you can use GLCD with controller KS108/KS107/T6963 or you can use alphanumeric LCD with controller hd44780. Tahmid.
Hi, That code should run fine on your 690 with any parallel hd44780 compatible lcd. Although the data ends up in the lcd, there are several slightly different ways of collecting and outputting the data. The Mikro is one way, but do not spend a lot of time trying to understand what is quite a complicated routine - just use it and concentra
Dear all, I want to use a hd44780 for a hobby circuit. So I have connected with my pic MCU in a 4-wire interface and tried to communicate with it. However I cannot display anything on the LCD. I will try to troubleshoot my design but I need to know something pretty important! I cannot understand whether the LCD has been initialized or not..(
I am using MPLAB v8.10 and am trying to innitialise an LCD display and write something to it just to prove I have control pf it via the pic in 8 bit mode. It will bviously be part of a larger program eventualy and I have also written the program for A/D as shown. At the moment nothing appears on the LCD and I can see where in the program I hae gon
pic16F877A microcontroller connection with hd44780 LCD,C code for programming pic16F877A to interface LCD
just write "hd44780" "lcd" and "pic" on will give u a lot of information.
Hi all, I've see that many people have trouble about LCD interfacing, I've just finish to develop a library to do all the things needed to drive a hd44780 LCD controller based display with a pic. My application is able to work with 4 bit interface (in order to save 4 pin of the microcontroller) and also isn't restricted to some pic, just (...)
Here I would like to ask some help..... For me it is the first time for interfacing hd44780 LCD with pic 16F877.... How can I study for that...... I find some webpages which discuss about hd44780 and 16F84A..... So what is the different for programming with 16F877 and 16F84A? How can I upgrade the souce code of 16F84A to 16F877? Best (...)
Most of the LCDs use the standard hd44780 chip or the KS which is also hd44780 compliant chip. Here is a zip file that might help you in interfacing the LCD with MCU.
I have used this page several times and it should help with building an interface library for a hd44780 lcd. Sadly, I do not know any examples for that particular compiler...but there are many out there for other pic compilers which should be helpful even if it isn't a direct copy & paste.
ok catch it =)
dear all iwant to interface a lcd 2X 16 line hd44780 with pic16f876a using HITECH C .i am not able to get anything written on the screen. can any one please provide me the right code.
does anyone pliz have a code for initializing the hd44780 lcd using a pic 16f872 inn 8-bit mode.
I was designing pic microcontroller based LCD oscilloscope pic 16f876 & hd44780 LCD . i had changed my pic will be compatible or not. i want to know is thereany difference between these two pic.plz its urgent In 16F876, port A conmtains ADC only where as in 16F876A, port A contains ADC & COMPARATORS. Program
I'm using Hi-tech picC-lite compiler,it comes with some sample C codes.The routines in LCD.c work quite fine for 16F84 but when I change to 16F877 with the same pin connections nothing promts on LCD. The code is below.... Thanx in advance... /* * LCD i
I have code that works with hd44780. Can you confirm the IC your LCD display uses? Is it hd44780 based?
Yes, it is possible. Take a look at this appnote If you have an LCD based on the hd44780 or similar, it will be much easier. Are you really considering driving the LCD directly with the pic?