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Hi, I've just began to work with microcontrollers and i've built a simple hd44780 LCD driver with a pic microcontroller but i have some trouble in the module initialization. I've used a library a found on the net and that is like the one that come with the CCS PCW compiler but u can choose the pins u want to use. It works but only when t
You want an example schematic? search google for 'pic LCD' :) Assuming you are using the hd44780 or equivelent LCD module.... VEE is indeed the contrast adjust, while most people tend to connect this to the wiper of a variable resistor, (each lug VCC and GND) I always end up having the pot very nearly at GND. But I wouldn't connect it direct
I did NOT look up your LCD , but assumes it is "Hitachi hd44780" compatible , most characterbased LCD displays are. 10 seconds with google reveals this I will leave the challenge of interfacing to the HC11 up to you. But it might be a good idea to use "hd44780" as one of the googl
How to control a hd44780-based Character-LCD with a pic, another nice article. Enjoy Tornado
Hello, any character based LCD display from Conrad is OK. All those modules use the same controller chip hd44780 and you can find the routines for this type of LCD on any pic Web page. Those relatively cheap modules are character based. It means that they have a fixed character set which can be displayed and also they have couple of user-de