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The system consists of a microcontroller Atmega8 with a graphic display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels and controller KS0108B (hd61202/3). A popular chip sensor DS18B20 was used as a temperature sensor. The syste
In a forum, a seller gives this link for information. It seems a standard one. 128x64 graphic LCD routines and tools for KS0108 and hd61202 this page , it says needs -10v for operat
Hi Sharath411, Kindly check this up... SPI Graphic Lcd Library (mP PRO for 8051) - Support Center -- this is by Mikroelectronica, provides builtin routines for graphic lcds and more tools for interfacing them.
I Hope the below link will mates your requirements 128x64 graphic LCD routines and tools for KS0108 and hd61202
well, thanks for ur reply, i browsed the library that u set to me, and i didn't find any header files that communicate with the driver that i told u about, it'sall Graphic LCD Modules 1) KS0108/hd61202 Controller 2) T6963 Controller 3) LCD Fonts and Symbols and not 1335-1 driver board.. so i still have the problem... and i still n
It would be nice to be more specific. C language is claimed to be universal, but for assembler you must mentione first the microcontroller you're using. Regarding 128*64 dots matrix graphics LCD, it depends of the LCD controller used by the manufacturer. A code developed for Toshiba T6963 won't work with a LCD driven by Hitachi hd61202. Take a lo
how to program for graphic lcd in 89c51 using ke*il That's easy. Start gathering information about your LCD controller (Toshiba T6963, Samsung KS0108 or Hitachi hd61202 just to name a few; there is no generic driver for 128x64) and draw your schematics (i.e. if you want to drive the LCD in I/O map space) When you're read
if you want to read soure code hd61202 with C51 PLESE SEND EMAIL TO ME
Hi Handtronix has a nice appnote on how to connect a LCD to the 8051 "Interfacing a 128 x 64 Graphic Module with an 8 bit Micro-controller describes the software and hardware to display an image on a Hantronix HDM64GS12. This note includes schematic, flow chart and sample software in 8051 assembly language. (76k) "
What GLCD you have in mind? Samsung KS0108, Toshiba T6963, Hitachi hd61202, Epson SED1330 ...? I could help you if you tell me type of controller. As far as I know mikroBasic is only working,at the moment, with KS0108. Right? meax98
Hi Yes, FastAVR works great with KS0108 (=hd61202) graphic controller (and SED1520 too...) Here are lignes to declare two types : '$GLCD SEP1520, data=PORTB, ctrl=PORTD, 122, 32 '$Gctrl A0=0, RW=1, E1=4, E2=3 $GLCD hd61202, data=PORTB, ctrl=PORTD, 128, 64, 2 $Gctrl CS1=4, CS2=3, DI=0, WR=1, EN=2 Code produced (ASM) is really