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Hi all, I have to simulate an 6 bit 4 GSps current steering DAC in Virtouso Analog Design Environment. I need of an ideal 6 bit adc to test the DAC. How can I do? Do you have an hdl code for this component? Or it is better to build the adc with ideal elements? Thank you
Hai to all i had simulated my simga delta adc model in Matlab then generated a hdl code through simulink it is synthesis also? but can i simulate in model sim or not plz tell me then how to go forward
Hi is a filter designed in MATLAB FDATool and have the hdl generated from it be directly fed in samples from an adc. i have synthesized the code in xilinx and how do i connect the input port of my code to the adc present on my spartan 3e board. i have signed input output each 16 bit regards srinivas
That works fine. Just remember to invert the signal in your hdl code.