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hi is there any program for converting schematic into vhdl code? tnx
sir i have an code of matlab of gender voice reconition. i want to change this code in vhdl language. plz any one help me.. m beginner in vhdl...
I am doing a project on Image Encryption in MATLAB, now further I have to generate hardware for that matlab file(*.m) by using Vhdl or any other hdl. I want help regarding how to work with images (taking input, operations on pixels, and output), in Vhdl. If anyone can provide info regarding converting the (...)
hi, am in confusion that how can i convert the k-means algorithm as a block using xilinx block set and simulink and whether i can implement such clustering algorithm in FPGA by converting MATLAB code to hdl? here am giving an image as an input... can u provide me a solution for this query pls?
hdl coder only supports a subset of simulink and embedded M. I suggest you learn what the subset is and then covert the FFT to use the supported features.
how to convert matlab code to vhdl/verilog code using xilinx 10.0??? plz help me...
Filter Design hdl coder . It does the fixed point filter deign . after you set all the filter parameters it generates hdl files for you. there are few tool also available like acceldsp & system generator from xilinx does the matlab to hdl conversion with some limitation.
try x-hdl from
xhdl is cheap and easy to use but it does not do good job when it comes to converting behavioral code or converting new constructs in verilog 2000 and beyond. Overall it converts about 80% of your code and you have to do the rest by hand.