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If you prefer memory initialization by coe files, you have to specify different file names for each memory instance. Other possible initialization methods are infering the memory content from constant arrays in hdl or by reading hex or binary files in hdl code.
Hi guys, i am new at Verilog. I generated a working Verilog file using Matlab hdl generation Tool. I tested it with 16 binary bits using assign parameters and it worked for this values. But i need an input random binary matrix. The following code must use this matrix with 16 bits block. How can produce a random binary matrix
I need one help. Please if you able to help me i will be very grateful for your kind help. There is one tool in Xilinx, System Generator. I have prepare one architecture using blocks from Simulink in it. i am getting good results then i have generate the Vhdl code through hdl code generation. now i (...)
resource sharing is only appropriate if you have designed the matlab/simulink code correctly in the first place. hdl code generation will only work with properly designed algorithms.
I'm not sure I understand your question. Specifically, can you elaborate on this: When test vector is too much, given it being too slow to do a bit-true verification through hdl code Are you trying to create a testbench, or what? Have you looked at SysGen?
what type of error is this. plz reply me .how to resolve this type of error. Compiling file c:\Mentor_Projects\ex_rlc\hdl\POWER HARVESTER-new.Vhdl Compiling Entity Declaration HARVESTING Compiling Architecture HARV of HARVESTING code generation for c:/Mentor_Projects/ex_rlc/sim_adms/sinee/WORK_AMS41.HARVESTING (...)
Hi E'Body! I would like to if its possible to generate "Real" RANDOM Number in hdl (Verilog)? If yes...How? Thanks, Ravi What is "Real RANDOM number"? 1. $random - pure random number generator, returns 32-bit. 2. If you want to randomize a "real my_real" variable, then use: real my_real; integ
LFSR Design would be a better option............. Have hdl Chip Design By Douglas Smith ............. you find a generic LFSR Design............... i am Attaching some LFSR code i may help you........ Good luck..............
Other good hdl editors - PRISM and CONTEXT (free). Both have a powerfull features.