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Looks like a standard 3.5 mm headphone "tip and ring" jack.
I am currently building an active noise cancelling headphone. However, there are some circuit design problems that I am not sure on my design. Basically, in my design, there is a mic capsule connecting a low pass filter pre-amp.Then the pre-amp is connecting to inverter, which can generate the inverted frequency. However, I don't know which circui
Hi, if you want to drive a 5W speaker, you need a suitable driver (as others said in previous posts). For a quick setup that you can use with both speaker and headphone, i recommend using LM386. very easy circuit and single
I was going to tell you to look for headphones Amplifier circuit in Google Images but many circuits are awful. An OPA2134 dual opamp from Texas Instruments is an excellent stereo audio opamp and can provide a maximum output of 37.5mW RMS per channel into a 60 ohms headphone. But many people want to damage their hearing with (...)
Hello Everyone. I am trying to connect my Laptop audio output to my phone audio input and my Laptop audio input to phone audio output. I know that the simple audio connections (line-in<----->line-out) will not work. I want to know that how can I do that, what kind or circuitry should be between them, Is there any circuit diagram available
I would like to make a headphone amplifier using transistors (mostly bipolar junction and if required FET) instead of Op-Amps. The specification of the amplifier is that it should: Provide an improved sound quality over the un-amplified output of the MP3 player. Have an input impedance of at least 100kΩ. Have
I bought some speakers from a thrift store. They sound good but don't have any built in amplification system and are really quiet when played directly from a headphone jack. I want to build an amplifier circuit for it but so far everything I have tried has sounded terrible. Does anyone know if there is a way to build a good sounding amplifier or
Hi. I just made a class A amp and tested it on my breadboard. It sounded as good as my ears could hear, the only drawback was a little background noise. I have now made a complete circuit and I'm planning on etching the board to get a decent result out of it. I would like to get some feedback, is this a decent way of doing it? Can changes be made t
Hi, I am relatively new with building my own PCB stuff, but have been moderately successful so far. So here's my problem. I operate an endurance road race team, and we are low budget. Rather than have some fancy radios, we use our iPhones as communication between the driver and pit. It works well, but there are some complications. We use a
well, a Ge diode has a lower voltage drop ~0.25 - 0.3v. However this does not mean that it cannot 'rectify' below this voltage. The value of the forward current will be Much greater than the reverse current even for lower voltages, but this is good enough to feed to a hi-impedance headphone or circuit.
Hi. I've gotten a real interest in headphone amplifiers. I've made and sold some Cmoy amps, but I wanted something more powerfull to drive my heavy AKG K-701 headphones. I bought some LM386 and made a circuit which is supplied by a 12V wall-wart. I even implemented a bass-boost feature and with this activated, it can really pl
I needed to build a circuit that would connect the PSTN receiver out (MIC & headphone) to my cisco voip receiver out (MIC & headphone), at the same time I should also be able to chat with the other two. can any one suggest a simple circuit for this.
See a basic intercom design in the attachment. It uses an AGC microphone amplifier, a headphone amplifier and an active hybrid circuit. Originally it has been using a shielded twisted pair with one wire utilized for the power supply and an additional beeper/light call sign. But these points may be adapted for your purposes. Also a two wire power su
hai arunmag This is a mobile phone sniffer circuit that can detect the signals being used in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) band at about 900 MHz. Since the signals are digitally encoded, it can detect only the signal activity, not the speech or the message contents. A headphone is used to hear the dete
In my other thread, i asked how to trigger a circuit using a headphone jack. I am able to trigger using 3 NPN transistors in a darlington pair configuration (but using 3 transistors as oppposed to 2). I also have a 1 uf capacitor between the two touch points to isolate the DC coming from the headphone jack. I am able to get an LED to flash (...)
Hey guys, I need to trigger a transistor circuit, which in turn will activate a recording circuit to record audio from a "double male ended headphone jack". I need the head phone jack to trigger the circuit when there is sound on it. It will be used with a two-way radio to make a simplex repeater. A radio will be waiting (...)
Hello, has anyone got an archive of old amps that might include the Raven Roadie 50? I have this old amp that I would like to add a headphone socket to so am seking a circuit diagram for it. Also can anyone that has done this sort of thing before suggest how it may be done? Thank you.
our project is infraredheadfone we tried to send directly the audio signal, but actually we have a problem that IR LED and detctor should face each other ( it gives a distance o arround 1 meter but the MUST FACE EACH OTHER DIRCTLY) note we are using te detetor thatlooks like a LED ( black one and have 2 legs) So we knew that we have another de
I need help for this project. Where do I get the schematic / circuit diagram for a headphone amplifier. Thanks in advance.
Dear friends, I need a circuit for wireless headphone transmitter(Fm).Pls help me. Thanks in advance, R. Balasubramaniaraju