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Try feeding the reverb input with a headphone output of the preceeding unit. The reverb output to feed another speaker amplifier. If no success, feed the reverb input from a speaker output of the preceeding unit; be gentle with the volume knob.
Hello Everyone. I am trying to connect my Laptop audio output to my phone audio input and my Laptop audio input to phone audio output. I know that the simple audio connections (line-in<----->line-out) will not work. I want to know that how can I do that, what kind or circuitry should be between them, Is there any circuit diagram available
Hello everyone, I'm using dspic33fj128gp802 to background noise cancellation project. What i did was i'm taking the input from a microphone(headphone mic) as my input(In) and I'm giving my desire input by delaying some miliseconds then i have built a neural network using weights and updating weights. I tried this using (...)
You have been asking for microphone, not headphone connection.
what is the input signal level ? bye the way, why you need such high gain for your headphones. please ensure that such gain wont burn off the headphone coils. try to shift the c2l to between R2L and opamp pin.
Here you have a example of a headphone amplifier that that I designed few years ago. The supply voltage was equal to 3V.
i am using cm8870 decoder and i want to connect it to my 6630 Nokia using headphone but when i connect the power its output lights ( 3 leds and the StD led )with or without input it dose not change. i do not know where is the problem is it in the connection that i connect it using the data sheet or what. pleeease help its
We hear hum sound If we touch the audio amplifier input. What happen If we touch to amplifier input at the moon? What do we hear from headphone?
In my other thread, i asked how to trigger a circuit using a headphone jack. I am able to trigger using 3 NPN transistors in a darlington pair configuration (but using 3 transistors as oppposed to 2). I also have a 1 uf capacitor between the two touch points to isolate the DC coming from the headphone jack. I am able to get an LED to flash very dim
your speakers would have a input impedance and only if you have a headphone that can match that impedance the sound would be nice... do u know the specs of you speaker....
The switch switch on an input ( or more inputs ) into headphone output.
Hi, There is a very simple FM receiver, called (super) regenerative which includes only one active device at its input and gives demodulated audio at its output, and includes an audio amplifier IC for speaker or headphone usage. Here is a link for it: And here is another unusual b
You can design for whatever level the equipment you want to connect to the amp puts out. Line level outputs on CD players are typically about 4 volts peak-peak maximum. headphone output depends on the volume control and varys considerably.
I search for a circuit that can transform headphone output of one mobile to the mic input for another mobile also i ask if i can make a direct connection from wires of headphone to the wires of micphone for another mobile thank you
Hi everyone, I'm a designer now on headphone amplifier. I've already made it a chip, but the psd noise level is as high as -100 dbv, there's my design spec: dc gain : 130db phase margin : 60 deg GBW : 30MHz structure : folded-cascode -- class-AB -- output buffer stage gain : 70db -- 50db -- 10db output load : 220uF or 16 ohm And my issue