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You have to bear in mind two factors: 1. headphones (at least normal dynamic ones) need only a small voltage to drive them compared to loudspeakers. 2. many amplifiers get unhappy if you run them without any load (no loudspeakers). So some designs use headphone sockets that carry the signal to the loudspeaker through them and a mechanical contact
133115 133116 The headphone jack got ripped off the PCB of my LG TV. I've decided to not replace it. However since the jack got damaged, the TV thinks there's a headphone plugged in and mutes the internal speakers. Looking at the schematic above of the headphone jack wiring, I should just b
Popular sources are Digikey and Mouser. I've gotten parts from All-Electronics discount mail-order house, but their website doesn't appear to carry headphone jacks just now. Yours looks like an ordinary 1/8 inch stereo headphone jack. It contains a switched contact for one channel. (Perhaps it has a switch for the other channel too but unused.)
* Look closely at every brass contact surface. Did any of them become bent so it no longer makes contact? I found one like that on my 'bargain' HDMI cable. * Do you have something plugged into your laptop's headphone jacks? That might turn off the HDMI sound. * My laptop has 2 headphone jacks. One only works with headphones, the other (...)
I tried it on more than one laptops that dont have usb issues This needs clarification. Does usb signal go into your problem device? Or is it powered by usb? Analog audio goes out the headphone jack. Does analog go into your problem device? ------------------- If you want to explore other possibilities, there is a p
A fairly cheap small speaker has a resonant frequency of about 400Hz, below which its response drops about 12dB per octave, so no deep bass. The enclosure will increase the resonant frequency and cut bass sounds even more. Name Brand headphones use speakers that are made to be used in headphones and produce deep bass sounds because they have no res
Hi, Today i found that one of my headphone speaker produced a small pop sound during turn off. I did measure the signal of speaker using oscilloscope and during turn off,there is a slightly peak value. Where this pop noise comes from?
Looks like a standard 3.5 mm headphone "tip and ring" jack.
Try feeding the reverb input with a headphone output of the preceeding unit. The reverb output to feed another speaker amplifier. If no success, feed the reverb input from a speaker output of the preceeding unit; be gentle with the volume knob.
DC-Block: Just think about what will happen if you connect a headphone at the end with an dc-OFFSET. In my point of view, scaling in this case is similar to amplify. Maybe the output power level is insufficient.
Hi, Do i need special connectors to view output on oscilloscope or i can just use the usual probes and connect them to headphone-out or line out of DSK (C6713)?
Hello everyone. I got trouble with my phone about 2 weeks ago while testing a homemade audio amplifier. I connected my phone stereo jack to a simple op amp inverting amplifier to test my power amplifier. It first worked well but from one day to another it didn't do. I don't know what exactly happened but it doesn't work. I connected it with a
This is a small yet high performance headphone amplifier board. The design is follow JLH-2005 class A amplifier. In this design, BD140 was replaced with BC560 and BD139 replaced with BC550. MJE3055 is used as driver transistor. A small heatsink is enough because 200mA Iq is enough for biasing headphone amplifier. The overall THD is only 0.008% (600
Hello! I want to replace my car cd player with mobile phone. I dont have enough space for both so i want to connect mobile phone directly to speakers via custom amplifier and use phone navigation and phone mp3 player. I have four speaker connections on car audio connector. front (left,right) and rear (left,right). i think that car audio system h
I am currently building an active noise cancelling headphone. However, there are some circuit design problems that I am not sure on my design. Basically, in my design, there is a mic capsule connecting a low pass filter pre-amp.Then the pre-amp is connecting to phase reverser, which can generate the reversed phase. Howe
I have a laptop with 2 headphone ports. One is louder than the other. I have not examined the output with a scope, but it must be AC with no DC component. Our headphones would not appreciate a DC component. Computers nowadays can detect where something is plugged in (such as your headphone output). I imagine it detects a voltage drop. That (...)
Hi, if you want to drive a 5W speaker, you need a suitable driver (as others said in previous posts). For a quick setup that you can use with both speaker and headphone, i recommend using LM386. very easy circuit and single
You should be concerned about the headphone impedance and,limitations of OA's with higher impedance output. For 32 Ohm headphones a low level could be achieved with series mono connections between Out & Gnd ... Note most are tested with only 1k but lower impedance loads will affect max output swing and possibly more distortion. But with ne
Hello, I am looking to design a simple stereo headphone amplifier circuit to be able to amplify a electric guitar signal and drive a 4 ohm and 8 ohm headphone. I want it to be battery (1.5V x 2 - AAA) operated, having a decent battery life. I was searching through Google and found that Class 'D' amplifiers are used in portable battery operate
I was going to tell you to look for headphones Amplifier Circuit in Google Images but many circuits are awful. An OPA2134 dual opamp from Texas Instruments is an excellent stereo audio opamp and can provide a maximum output of 37.5mW RMS per channel into a 60 ohms headphone. But many people want to damage their hearing with 100mW RMS.