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Hello I need to stack two helical antennas in cst because antennas are in uhf range these are wide around 2 wavelength and I used Integral equation solver Now in order to stack two of these antennas how to set the excitation port correctly to get a single farfield? file is attached Thanks
A variant of helical antenna with parasitic director ... will shrink by 30% length of the antenna.. 132122
I am trying to Simulate a helical antenna in cst and am trying to use a wave guide port at the end of a coaxial cable to excite the antenna, is this the correct method? I am receiving the following error; Port number 1 is completely filled with metal. Maybe the background material is defined as PEC? The background is not (...)
There are tutorials out there on how to do this: just google it buddy:
I am using cst 2015 and am trying to optimise a helical antenna but it does not like the reference WCS point it is given so it deforms the shape and moves away from the feed, because of this error it throws me back in the history list to a time before the feed was introduced and I have to create it all over again. I have tried several (...)
I have the same issue, I am trying to excite a helical antenna using a discrete port, the separation between the ground plane and the start of the helix is 0.3 mm the port ends penetrate 0.05 mm into the surface of both the ground and the helix but still, little power is accepted. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks
Hi I am very interested in plasma physics PhD student to work on the antenna simulation with cst software here. With this software How do I measure the speed of electromagnetic wave in the helix? Thank you.
hi all, can any one suggest me how to design quadrifilar helical antenna using cst microwave . please atleast suggest me some websites to know how to construct quadrifilar helical antenna using cst
My final project is about the design of the helical antenna. 2.45GHz, and to search the Wifi. I have designed the helix and reflector but I am in trouble to simulate. Is there anyone know how to simulate the helical antenna in cst? Thanks a lot
can anyone help me to design helical antenna at 2.4 Ghz either using cst or HFSS?
hi, my project is ENHANCING THE GAIN OF helical antenna BY SHAPING VARIOUS GROUND CONDUCTORS. depending on cstmws we should have to do this project, so please help me by sending necessary materials regarding my project such as basics of cstmws, how to feed&simulate an antenna using (...)
But how do you plan to make the helical antenna directional ? I have heard of making the dipole antenna directional as in Sector antennas wherein we have a ground plane on one side of the dipole. By doing so, we can control the beam-width of the antenna and also the gain will be enhanced as compared to (...)
i tired to open the help but it didn't get opened?? please can anyone help?!!
Anyone know how to design a helical antenna for mobile phone which operate at f=0.9GHz using cst MWS 2010? Step-by-step guide is preferred. Please do let me know if anyone who has a well-designed sat file. I would like to refer on it. Thank you very much.:smile::roll:
Hi I am trying to simulate helical antenna. I know that there is an exmaple file in cst folder. so i want to modify it but have some problems. first, I want to change units cm to mm. there is no problem with it but when i simulate some error comes up. second, In the example file helix has only 6 turns. I want to increase (...)
hello everyone.... anyone know how to design basic helical antenna using cst? hope you all can help me as soon as possible regards, kyg
hi can anyone tell me how to draw a helix in cst MWS. I can't figure out the points we need to enter.
helical antennas are very wide band. The only problem is that their beam pattern varies over the frequency range and can split into major lobes and even go perpendicular to the helix axis at some frequencies.