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hi helio1972 I need your code also,i appreciate ur help,regards my
Hi, I want to simulate GSM by opnet modeler so if any one has any tutorial please don't hesitate to share with me.. DO u have OPNET modeler setup link plzz forward me plzz i need it for my final year project thnkxxx mail me setup link at
HI, helio1972: I hope my comments are useful for you. For any given planar circuits, there is no analytical soluton. Even for a simple stripline structure which involves one substrate, two ground planes and one strip located at the center, many people may think there is an analytical solution for it. However, considering the loss in the strip
hi; Jian thanks but i have to use HFSS. if helio1972 can send to me FDTD code about terminator load, ı will be very happy. and can you tell me what do FDTD code does? thanks for your helps