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Hey How to blink that LEDs on PIC18F67J60? I have such code: void main() { TRISA.F0 = 0; //Makes PORTA0 or RA0 Output Pin TRISA.F1 = 0; //Makes PORTA1 or RA1 Output Pin while(1) //Infinite Loop { PORTA.F0 = 1; //LED ON PORTA.F1 = 1; //LED ON Delay_ms(1000); //1 Second Delay PORTA.F0 = 0; //LED OFF
hello Friends, I have problem with preset in my ckt, that I design in proteus, actually I want the output of this 2 opamp should be zero, so I connect this LED so that they should blink when the output of opamp is zero, Actual concept of my ckt is that, 1st opamp give zero o/p when voltage become high (...)
hello, I want to my an LED pulse on for 1 second and off for 1 second with Digilent BASYS board using the 25MHz clock. Actually you almost got it. See below with minor changes. module Seconds_Clock(clk, count, q_out); input clk; output reg q_out = 1'b0; // this makes sure the
hello! You are not accurate enough. What do you mean by LED patterns? - A single LED that blinks with 16 different patterns (like the tail light of bicycles that you can by a single press change from OFF / blink / Continuous? - A row of LEDs that you want to change with a single press? - A (...)
hello all, I am having a problem although my programs works in Proteus it will not work on my breadboard the config i believe are OK because i can make a led blink without any problem. I am trying to read double byte data from a max6675. 63872 i think that the problem is on the routine init_spi() but i am no
hello, I have to do a project using TI Ez320 rf2500 kit with msp4302274uc..,from the start I want so say that I am new with microcontrollers and C but i am willing to learn. I want to do a project with a smoke detector which gives a ttl signal to the END DEVICE(1L for detecting smoke),I want to put this signal to port PORT2 bit0. and transmit it
hello Everyone, I have downlaoded sample code of USB HID of LPC2368 and I am using to test it with LPC2387. But code is not working properly. LED of USB connect is blink while I am attaching USB that means it connects properly But its not able to transfer data. I don't know what is wrong in my code or I am doing something wrong. (...)
hello, I did one little circuit with one capacitor that keep my slot carīs light (LED) on during a while. Than I include a brake light too. Itīs working well. 49609 Now, my next step will be include blinkers. It must to start 3 seconds after the power disconect. With that, when the car go out the tr
firstly, make sure your hardware is ok, (make a small blink program) then your LCD is ok, (try a hello world program) I'm assuming that when an Input is low, it means it's free, when it's high it means that it's occupied, //add your hardware, and lcd routines here... void main(void){ lcd_init(); //init your lcd, (...)
hello to all! I guess I can give some background as to what I am doing first. I am using a minimalist 'ring oscillator' circuit to blink an LED on/off at a frequency that is determined by the RC constant. Easy enough right? Now, to signal changes in sensor state, I would like a sensor that changes R or C. I already (...)
hello, I tried to use Proteus to simulate the "blinky" example included in Keil, it is assumed that pins P1.16 to P1.23 blink, but nothing happens. It works well in Keil simulator. What is the problem with Proteus ? I found this thread: but I couldn't make any use of it. Can any one help? Thank
hello, I have one Video Waveform monitor reference WFM300A from Tektronix and I think that the power supply of the device is broken because don't work any led of the front panel. Only blink one small lamp (please see the attached images). Anyone have information how to repair this device? Anyone have the schematic of the power (...)
hello, not really sure if this is the right forum but... 8) I need ultraviolet ink (uv ink, blacklight ink, invisible ink ... bla bla). What is the chemical formula of this stuff? Is there any way to home-make/lab-make-produce it? Best regards, Trax