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Please can anyone one help me in calculating the noise in VRMS. I have got the noise in cadence in uV/sqrtHz now I want to convert the uV/sqrtHz in Vrms. I have the noise result attached. Do I have to use calculator if yes the how? I want to calculate PSRR in cadence of an OTA. Can any one help me step by step procedure to calculate PSRR (...)
Hey guys. I'm making a project to ADC flash and DAC 4 bits and i have to see the SFDR to the output signal using cadence calculator. Somebody can help me? Thanks.
Hi guys! I must make circuit on FPGA based calculator. The calculator is by LCD 16x2 display and 4x4 membrane keypad. But i dont have idea how it will do. With VHDL code i dont have a problem, but the circuit :-?....Can anyone give me an idea how i do the circuit and help me?
>>Hi Friends i am new to this field,,,So kindly help me to solve this issue... >>I Sucessfully to interfaced PIC16F877A with LCD and Keypad... >>I want to do an simple calculator program using PIC16F877A.... >>After interfacing LCD and Keypad..i write an array to copy the value of key pressed in it... >>But when i try update (...)
Hi First you have to specify all your inputs and outputs. Interface, hardware, protocol, data format, data range... The you should divide your project in different sections. Do this, show the results and you will get further help to solve the homework on your own. Klaus
Hi! The model used in my HFSS simulation is stripline, and I'd like to integrate the surface current density (Jsurf) over a line which is defined as the contour path around the conductor. However, I don't know how to make it. I've supposed 2 possible solutions. 1) integrate directly in HFSS with Field calculator. However, I've read the coo
Hi, I am trying to do a code for do division using verilog that is work with fpga. The thing is division operator is not syntyhesizable.I am using fixed point arithmetic to represent a number (includes fraction),think the only methode to do it is loop baised substraction methode or quotient remainder methodeIis there any other possibility ?
Hi, Currently I am working on a buck boost calculator for the MC34063. Everything works, but there are a few things missing. I want to calculate the input and output capacitor and I want to see the efficiency of the design. Can you help? Thanks in advance.
this might help:
Hello, I'm trying to set up a simple program which will cycle through a set of specified time periods for a 50% duty cycle pulse. I have the calculations for the delay period, but I'm not confident on how to set up the program for accurate timing. I have at my disposal currently PIC12F1501, PIC16F628, PIC16F1829, and PIC18F44K22 chips. I'm as
hello guys i would like you guys to help me i am having an assignment and the lecturer ask me to design and implement a Simple calculator Module in VHDL through the RTL (register Transfer Level) description and simulate the operations of this system in a suitable simulator. please guys help (...)
Saturn PCB calculator will help you search HERE
hi all... a teacher have given us task to make a simple calculator, using 7 segments , a keypad and atmega 16. 4 digits should be entered by user 2 times to show its result. only addition is required. i think 5 segments will be used for carry generated. need urgent help. i am noob. thanks all in advance
please help me
Hello there,can you lease help me to define the delay of 1s using timer 1 in ccs c compiler? Thanks. what about your osc frequency? Is there any divider you are using for timer?
Hello Friends I need an emergency help. I am studying with amplifier design. I have a TI calculator with that I need to calculate lot of equations, those are below. 1. Reflection co-efficient 2. Impedance 3. Gain 4. Radius of stability circle 5. center of stability circle 6. K 7. Delta so on etc I have to waste too much time
Should help a lot for people new to designing SMPSU's Programs calculate the relevant currents and voltages for various switch mode power supplies and display these graphically. Furthermore the programs give suggestions for appropriate choking coils and high frequency transformers.
It all depends on how long the trace is and what thickness copper you are using. This should help:
Hi, stitching via mainly for good conductivity for power and ground.if in you case has high current running you need to add more stitching via , it may be help for you
I got the VA vs Vds curve from your thread! I calculated it by hand and I got the same results! Félicitations! ... is there a way to plot gm/ID vs VA ? It should be possible with the help of ADE's calculator tool. See the last sentence in

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