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I want to design 24 Volt DC (2 nos of 12 volt batteries in series) to 580 volt DC supply using UC3856 and IR2010S 4 nos of MOSFET in h bridge form, MOSFET should be low rds on as 2.2 mili ohms chips with the chopper transformer ideas and help is required
Hi All, I have made a current mirror circuit as attached below with Rin as 5K,Vin =15Vdc 101778. Vo = 24 to150Vdc. IRef=(15-Vgs)/(5K+rds) As per my calc IRef=2.2mA Approx. I assume the same current should mirrored in Iout irrespective of the voltage given @ Vo. Mosfet Used: Si7956Dp (Dual N-channel MOSFE
Hello i'm Daniel and i'm new on this forum but from the start i need your help. My problem is that mosfets on my gpu are burned (3of them) . My gpu has 2 types of mosfet: MDU 2654- I asked main eu director to send me datasheet and i got this MDU 2657
Given the following circuit: 86634 Can I accurately measure the resistance of R4 (assuming rds(on) << 1 Ohm). As a corollary, can I repeat the measurement on R5 with the following circuit? 86635 Sorry if this is basic, just a little confused. Thanks in advance for the help.
The MOSFET is configured as a high-side switch. You can tell because the source is not ground-referenced. The load is between source and ground. The output of your Arduino is ground-referenced. When the MOSFET is on, voltage at source will be equal to the supply voltage = 12V (from your post #1). Since the datasheet mentions rds(on) at VGS = 5V, I'
Hi all, After running the DC Simulation in ADS, we can verify the DC operating point. Whether the following statements are correct?? VDSsat = Vod ???? Gds= 1/ rds= 1/rO ?????????? Vod is the overdrive voltage, what is VDSsat? I know that Vod= VGS-Vod but What is VDSsat?? Does anyone could help me? Regard.
hi all, I need to find the 1 + δΔT from the normalized rds(on) vs. temperature curve. δΔT is the temperature dependency of the rds(on). please help me in finding out 1 + δΔT .I have been attached one of the mosfet spec. please let me know the procedure to find out. thanks in advance cheers:)
I have wrapped up the code that comes with this FM receiver from Sparkfun into a library. I also took the opportunity to tidy things up a bit and fix the rds. help yourselves.... Instructions and download here: Simon Monk: Sparkfun Si4703 FM Receiver Breakout
Hi and thank you for your help. The originals were Toshiba K2837 and the new ones STF30NM60. When I use a DMM and using ground reference, I get a 10V difference at the gates on each leg of the bridge. With the scope I get a significant difference between the high and low sides. Should I not be hooking up my scope probe to ground?
what is the measure of mosfet transistor in the current gain
... the regulator is stable @light load=1mA and also heavy load=50mA. As you can see from the attached loop gain sim results, @IL=50mA, Fu=250kHz, Phase=52Deg, Gain=50dB AND @IL=1mA, Fu=2MHz, Phase=69Deg, Gain=65dB. Not bad at all! Congratulations! When I run transient sim (see attachment),
hi to all, maybe someone can help me. i have converted the analog mpx (fm) signal from a common radio chip into a digital signal with a ADC. now, i want to demodulate the rds data from the fm baseband signal on my FPGA. first i reduce the bandwith to 57 KHz (which is the carrier signal) and after that i will try to demodulate the digital (...)
when im simulating a spice file in eldo im getting a warning "rds at current temperature = 1.53215e-05 is less than 0.001 ohm. Should be set to zero, set PARAMCHK=1 to enable clipping." so in the tsmc018 tech file i gave PARAMCHK=1,but its givin the same warning,do our simulation results change due to this warning
Hi, My requirement is to measure currents in the range 10uA to 100mA (resolution = 10uA). I also have a NIDAQ(6105) with a resolution of 100uV (appx) to log the voltage data automatically. I am planning to use LTC6100 so that I can amplify the current more so that the DAQ can log the data. The LTC6100 requires a minimum sense voltage of 300uV to
Hi all, What should be taken into account in designing a current mirror using subthreshold pmos, where Vds > 5*VT(26mv)? Since the Vgs's control on Ids is much more stronger in subthreshold area than in saturate area, the current copy performance of current mirror using subthreshold pmos is better than using saturate pmos, is that correct?
Hi Hameed, Thanks for your suggestion. My IRFZ44N the NMosfet is fine and no overheating at all so what Half Bridge IC Driver do you recommend for the PMosfet? In general does the circuit looks OK to you? Any ther suggestions/improvements recommendations? thanks again Cy Added after 52 minutes: Also
Hi all, I need a help on the Matlab codig for the FM stereo. I know how to produce the stereo pilot frequency but not for the L+R and L-R and rds. Can anyone here help me please? I need to come out the FM stereo as shown in the attachment! Please do refer and comment on how to do in Matlab...
hi all this is my first time in this forum i need ur help if u can i have downloaded at earlier time a free based rds encoder but the website isnt online anymore i dont know why peaple dont aid peaple to host for free something free for public and student so i have the files of the free rds encoder but i dont have the connection from pc to (...)
I am designing an two-stage opamp. Following one is my circuit. I use this equation to calculate the DC gain, which is 3227(714db). gm5(rds5//rds1)gm3(rds3//rds7) But the simulation result given by LTspic is 76.4db, about 6606 times. why is it so large? but the other parameter is nearly the same as the ones calculated. (...)
Hi. I'm looking for datasheet of this IC. I can't find it. Can you help me? What is the difference between TDA7330A and TDA7330B. Can i replace it?