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Hello I am new to fpga design and have been tasked with a very complex artix based microblaze design at my company. I want to nail down the correct fpga design flow so i have a process to follow. I want to make sure it covers all the potential gotyas like testing the timing and debugging. I have taken the attached design flow from the
Hi everyone! I had a semester of embedded systems class where we created and worked with Linux on Zynq7010 SoC. Since I had a Spartan 6 devboard, I wanted to embed a Linux on it. I've created the microblaze processor in XPS (see attached .mhs file), and made some tests in SDK - Hello World, Peripheral Test, and Memory Test - and the were all w
Hi everybody, I'm a beginner in FPGA and I need your help. I'm working with EDK 12.4 and ML507 VIRTEX5 board. My goal is to connect the MBLite opencore processor to the Xilinx microblaze. The problem is that MBLite support only Wishbone bus as interface or the microblaze can support FSL and PLB Bus. In this situation, (...)
AoA Guys I need help in choosing a proposal for a project/thesis using FPGA kit. I have access to a Xilinx Spartan 3e in my department's laboratory and could also get it issued if needed. There are a few posts on this topic before, i know but I couldnt find a suitable answer for myself. The project needs to be a bit more than the usual memory o
Hi everybody, I designed a multi microblaze processor system with four microblaze processors using the board ML507 using the Xilinx EDK Project. My goal is to create a microblaze-based multiprocessor system on chip interconnected using a Network on chip (NOC) with a mesh topology. Can you (...)
hi im new to this Xlinx EDK tool. i have been trying to access the DDR memory of my virtex 4 ML-403. i have interfaced the memory with microblaze processor successfully. i dont know how to perform basic read/write operation using EDK. any help would be appricaited.
can anyone suggest an example design for microblaze to ext memory interfacing using a controller ?? im using virtex6 fpga on ml605 .. i face some problem with connecting the ddr3 to mb ...kindly help me on this
Dear all I'm a new user on EDK tool. I want to use this tool to implement and simulate a project (i just want to simulate a project and do not want to implement it on a real FPGA platform). I need some help to perform some tasks. First, what is the appropriate instruction to get data from FSL? I know that write_into_fsl( ) do the work for transm
I want to implement a reconfigurable fir filter in fpga. i have designed a direct transpose fir filter using matlab and using system generator i have generated the corresponding vhdl code. now i want to implement reconfiguration code using microblaze and integrate it with the already generated vhdl code. Can anyone help me (...)
I am planning to do a project with XUPV5 LX110T Board ( Open sparc processor). Will it be compatible with microblaze ? Can you please give me some suggestions regarding the choice of processor ?
Can anybody please help me with the EDK tutorials for image preprocessing using microblaze(the soft core processor in spartan 3e starter kit).I need help for obtaining the chain code sequence of an image downloaded into FPGA and give this sequence as an input to the neural network implemented as hardware in the FPGA kit.
Hi all, I am interfacing DDR2 SDRAM Controller in FPGA and I don't understand how can to read and write data to memory device using microblaze processor and DDR2 SDRAM controller?. I'm studying about this controller and I don't know the operation of DQS signal in transferring data and the mechanism of delay DQS. who can help me? Thanks for rep
Still not sure. You want a program written in C for this. Do you intend to have this program running on the microblaze? I made many simple application but they don't work. Well, to help other help you ... it might be useful if you include some of those applications. WHat didn't work about them. And with "mailbox" I (...)
I cannot open the elf file from the SDK (working with microblaze), it reads gibberish. Does anyone knows how to read the elf file? I am trying to read it because I want a pointer to point to my external DDR, I have no idea how to do that, so if anyone knows please help. Bill.
Something that helped me a lot while working with MB and EDK was to right "chmod -R 777 *" on the root of my project. Sometimes EDK has problems with access rights.
Program microblaze with this help : SOURCE
Hi , Im using spartan 3e and want to use ethernet to tx and rx data from fpga. I hv used microblaze processor but not getting help regarding ethernet to use with it. shud i use standalone OS or xilkernel or uclinux...and what steps shud i follow?? I have also studied lwIP, but not getting the proper steps to use ethernet. (...)
hi all , ii want to connect FFT core with microblaze processor .. is there any help or tutorial for that ??? i think FSL link is the best for that.. is there any other better option?/ thanks
hi all, i need to take data from signal generator for microblaze processor... i have to pass it via ADC LTC1407A-1.. how to connect it to microblaze.... plz help out.. thanks
hi , i have an ADC (LTC1407A-1)... it requires and SPI connection with MB processor.. i want to take input from ADC ... how to make a connection of ADc with MB processor.. i am using xilinx 10.1... plz help me out