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hi first you need to clarify following things 1) whether increase in temperature has any relation with speed of stepper motor (i.e if temperature increase speed increase or vise versa), or your stepper motor has fixed speed. 2) half step or full step configuration or any other config 3) how precise you temperature need depend
hello , i have use At89s8253 interface with enc28j60 to pc directly using straight cable, as per saying in mikroc 8051 spi ethernet example. the code is below. my problem is, when i use browser and give ip given in code which is 192.168. , it won't load page written in microcontroller (my pc is windows xp 32 bit, i have give it static ip :19
Hello all, i am doing this project to learn about I2c protocol. i have earlier interfaced eeprom with controller and that was easy . I have problem inerfacing it to mcp3422 Analogue module. I am using mikroc IDE , controller is PIC16f877a and coding in c. Objective - to read anlogue value with default configurations void main(
Hi BiNa2605; As mentoined above, your I2C routines are completely wrong. Study this site for example: Or, try to use the Software I2C Library in mikroc (see the help).
If anyone can help me with my code for the heart rate monitor that would be greatly appreciated You provided a code with no textual headers or any mention of what hardware was used to capture the pulses. Has it gone through your mind to detail a little more everything that involves the project? The only thing related to the hardware
Hi everyone, I'm working with SHT15 and Pic16F1513. I'm using mikroc for programming. I have a problem. When I simulate this code to Proteus, it works but not work in a real circuit:bang:. Does anyone can help me. This is my code. #define SHT_CLK PORTB.F1 //RB1 pin for CLK #define SHT_DDR_CLK TRISB.F1 //For con
Hy i have a problem with a count down timer.I m new in microcontroller,i stardet to learned two month ago.Now i try to make a countdouwn timer from 99 to 0.Next i want to try to maket from 9999 to 0.I don't understant what about interrupt and i try to make it only from C. Now i write a code but in mikroc Give me to error: 1)temp
Hi! I need to generate a PWM signal with 50% duty cycle and a variable frequency using atmega32U4. I'm bit confused on how to achieve this. Is anyone able to direct me in the right direction? Which mode I should use? is there any tutorials that covers this particular scenario?
hello , can any one help me interfacing LM12864LFW with Pic18F4550 using Mikro C thanks ,
hello Guys how can i write this code in mikroc: if portB.0 = 0 & portB.B1 = 0 & portB.B2 = 0 then do something Or if portB.0 = 0 or portB.B1 = 0 or portB.B2 = 0 then do something & how can i use DO statement to keep in sub function? like do portc.0 = 1 until portb.b0 = 1 thx for help guys
Hi Guys , I have below a code from Arduino and need help to change it to mikroc for PIC or ARM. The reason of this just to see how is mikroc will be changed the Function code .. I am going to use PIC 16F877A with Osc 10 Mhz or other according to the help come from anyone here, using any port setup no issue (...)
I assume you mean 16F887 not 18F887. According to the mikroc help file: Initializes PIC?s internal ADC module to work with RC clock. Clock determines the time period necessary for performing AD conversion (min 12TAD). The same text is used in the ADC_Init() help section so your answer would appear to be that the delay is (...)
It would help if you show the actual compiled code with the observed error message. Up to now, the posted code snippets had syntax errors. That's why we are talking about how the code should be instead how it is. Getting an answer that the actual code is different...
Hello Guys i've moved to learning embedded C with help of a friend but need some help with my project some ideas will be great im using 4 7segment digits & sometimes i want to use 2 of them as a countdown counter & the others for display functions & in setting mode i want to use the 4 together to indicate some functions (...)
hi i am using RTC DS1307 with pic16f887. using very common code for mikro c, avilable on net. problem is when i run the code on debugger, "read_time" routine sticks on "I2C1_start();" can anybody help? code is: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RB4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at
hi i want to perform some trigonometric functions in mikroc like get the value of sin90, cos30 etc. i wrote this code but when i run it and watch RAM, values are not correct. even when i do it with float, incorrect values occur. please help long val3; void calculate (void) { val3=sin(90); } void main() { while(1)
I dont have that BASIC so I cant help you. I try your program with PICBasic Pro but looks like PBP doesnt like your program. My best bet is either get some one who has that BASIC compiler to compile for your or get another similar project that doesnt use Oshonbasic. Allen
I am using mikroc PRO PIC32. I have to implement Active CAN Fault Analysis Algorithm mentioned in page no. 455 of attached PDF. Do I need to write a CAN Code or Can I just use Timer and External Interrupts to implement it ? Ok. Shall I use CAN with Timer Interrupt to make the Analysis tool that is to implement the Active Analysis Algorithm in
Thanx Brain, However the hardware is already made, so can't do any changes in hardware. I have shifted the scanning mechanism from interrupt to normal function. Now it is scanning keypad perfectly. It seems it is working fine. Now i have another isue, that when i scan the 16 segment display and display data on it using serial in parallel out shift
The code is badly written but I can help you solve the problem if you tell what has to happen when each button is pressed. At some places you have used the button library in a wrong way. I have fixed the code used for blinking text on the LCD after Initialization. I have commented out the buttons code. If you tell exactly what each button press