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Easyrider83 You are right...It's not a simple work. I want to check a part like molding dai. All equipment like bolts and other part fitted by lineman or not. I will have a orginal image hex codes in my EEPROM and Will take a photo of real molding dai and will compare both's hex codes. - - - Updated - - -
Hello, I don't know where the problem is?! I think my codes in C and assembly are OK. I have PICKIT3, PICKIT3 software, IPE, MPLAB X and MPLAB 8.91. The code complies OK & uploading the code with IPE and PICKIT3 software is OK too. The program hex code reads are same on both software. The PIC is not working at all. One thing I
This link has a file with both the scan codes and ASCII values in hex for the keys on an IBM PC
You don't HAVE to convert to decimal before sending to a serial port, a serial port can handle binary perfectly well. The problem comes when you want to display the value on the screen, some binary values have equivalent ASCII characters, some will be interpreted as control codes. If you want to send the binary value so it can be read on t
First you have to convert the scan codes into the binary equivalent of the decimal number using a lookup table. That gets added to an accumulator. You'll need some method to clear the accumulator at the start of a new number. Each time you enter a new digit you will multiply the accumulator by 10 (too bad the number isn't hex) and add in the new nu
Compile Arduino code in Arduino Compiler which is free. It will create a .hex file in Temp folder. Use this .hex file in Proteus with Arduino board model.
It isn't a normal hex format file, I would guess the first two characters are some kind of description of the following data and the rest looks to be ASCII codes. If you are using this format often, I would recommend a program called "010 Editor" from which is like a word processor for data files. With it you
Hi Friends, This is a PIC16F84A Microcontroller based matrix LED Display. It uses 7x15 (or 8x16) LED Matrix to display characters. The circuit uses two 4017 IC s to move the characters. Use the following link to download schematic, source codes and compiled hex files - Documentation is also added with details of how to displa
I am designing a keyboard key emulator. Each key on the keyboard has a hex code. I can store this in a header file as constants. For example const char A=0x1C; When I call a function with text string as the passing parameter, I want to transmit the hex codes corresponding to the string characters. For example, if I call the function trans_
Try to understand a simple fact. The program memory and disassembly listing is decoding a single instruction. If you have hex code 0187, it can have four differen meanings, depending on the bank select register content CLRF PORTC CLRF TRISC CLRF PORTF CLRF TRISF The disassembler doesn't analyze register contents, it always assumes CLRF
(void *)&e_newpass That is not correct , e_newpass already point to the address of the array , you either use e_newpass or &e_newpass Also, it is not clear to me where in the uC the codes (c language --> hex) are being saved. Is it also saved in the eeprom? Not sure what you mean, the hex content
Pls post the sch and codes (Asm & hex). Thanks in advance. Satheesh :-)
Hello all, Can someone share how to add a self test code on FPGA and how is that implemented together with hardware. I have also seen certain hex codes for 8051 kit self test. How BISt is achieved? Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, Sonika
hex file is compatible for load.
What is the format of the data that I read from the EPROM using a programmer? How do I convert this to assembly language? As far as I can see, the output from the programmer is Intel hex format, and has all the fields indicated by the format. But, I cannot find the same hex codes that I see in the output of the debug -d command of the (...)
I would like to simulate a thermometer wich uses seven segment for displaying ;I want to use CCS C compiler for coding and use those codes for simulating the circuit in proteus,can You tell me how I can proceed?? The CCS C Compiler generates a hex file which is specified to execute in the microcontroller of the simu
i have a code program of a particular project in C language, but i require hex codes, what do i do? or how to convert it into .ASM program? If I understand your question correctly, you can use a C Compiler to directly generate the hex file. There is no need to generate an Assembly (ASM) file as an intermediate s
Hi Programming a PIC microcontroller is very new thing to me but stilll i made a sincere effort of coding... I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me whether my codes are rite or wrong...I am using 18f65j50 for remote monitoring and controlling of smps......Thnx in advance.. and one of doubts is how to convert hex into bcd...The (...)
Hi ... i'm working on bootloader for a while . ( on AVR chips ) is there anyone to help me ? for E.X these codes on hex file ( lastest lines ) , how should i transfer them to the chip ? . . . :10007000E89462F80895FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF17 . . . :101FD000100F510F089537BFE89537B730FDFDCF8B :021FE000089562 :00000001FF these are inc
first you should know for which controller make the program was written and this hex file was generated. then this hex file should be burnt into the microcontroller and then the circuit has to be rig up to make this hex file running.......