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can someone solve this error i need this urgently .thanks for your help 134616 i am also sending project file
You did not assign Radiation boundary to the outer faces of the air box. After assigning Rad Boundary, you will notice few warnings that Radiation boundary is intersecting Finite Cond boundary. So, you need to re-prioritize the boundaries (See hfss Help). Finally, you are plotting Mag E / Surface J for the dielectric object. Instead select (...)
Hello. I did the design of the antenna with CST, but when I compare with hfss, I get a big difference of the reflection coefficient. What is the problem? Is it the airbox or the port or what?
Hi I also meet the same problem, suggest to download Ansoft Antenna Design Kit and read "help" document. Need to create a "virtual air box" for solve far field used, also can read hfss workshop Chapter3 will be helpful. Enzo
hi, is there any specfic command available to put your designed model in centre of the air box? Thanking;
how can i do the immersion of my structure in liquide on hfss do i have to assign the materiel of my boundaries box as a oil or what ?
Hello everyone, I have a question, so I need your helps, please. I don't know that why we can use the two different dimension vacuum box in hfss for the dipole antenna simulation at 900MHz? And we just add the radiation boundary for one or both box? Thank you very much!
Welcome Vittal Rao, Floquet ports need to be used in conjunction with master-slave boundaries. There is a good tutorial of this in the hfss help. Good Luck!
Hi When I try to design this antenna with air box having dimension 200 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm, it shows an error in hfss as perfect E boundary of ground does not touch the radiation surface. Pls help me to solve this error.
When we simulate an antenna using hfss, an air box with a distance of quarter wavelength from the radiator usually should be created. I am trying to simulate an antenna with frequency range of interest from 50 MHz to 500 MHz. Should I still use a quarter wavelength air box in the simulations. A quarter (...)
in the design, if air box be from -5 to 5, how much de-embed we need? and what happens for S11? its good or not? how it should be? and in the design you define variable of "a". for what?
Hi to everybody. I am a newbie in hfss, i'm trying to simulate a microstrip filter and obtain the S parameters. I used until now the radiation boundary conditions, but for obtaining more accurate results, I'm trying to use PML. What should I do for the faces of the airbox where there are the two waveports? I cannot use PML on them, and (...)
Hi everyone, I want to use hfss to simulate the electromagnetic reflection coefficient of a multi-layer structure (namely electromagnetic absorber), the thickness of each layer of which is about 5 mm, made by dielectric material. The electromagnetic wave, the frequency of which is about 5 GHz, is normal to the planar interface. Our design object
Hi All CAD geniuses, Can you perhaps let me know the difference between single cell simulation and full-wave simulation in any CAD software (ADS Momentum, hfss, or CST)? Many Thanks Henry797
In hfss I want to "connect" a resistive cylinder to a PerfE box. Unite function will not let me do this. What can I do to make sure hfss treats these materials as connected but retains their properties? Thanks.
can master boundary be applied to one face of air box and slave on the opposite phase in hfss or we need separate master air box and slave air box????????????????? You do not need separate air boxes. They both can be applied to the same (...)
Hello, I want to model a periodic unit cell in hfss with a plane wave excitation in the XZ plane with varying angles of incidence. I have started by modeling an air box (20mm x 20mm x 187mm) with PML boundaries on the +/- z sides of the box and Master/Slave boundaries on the other sides. For the top and bottom faces (...)
I have a problem in solving the air box virtual box of my design I need a help from professionals , I should be really thankful to you .. A student from developing nation :( 100050
Hello to everyone, ,I am a ms student and new at forums. I have designed dual band(2.4 ghz and 5.8 ghz) wifi antenna and simulated it using hfss. I have attached the project file and would be happy if anyone checked it whether everything is ok or not. Specially, i am worry about gain issue. Thanx alot
Hi guys, I ran a simulation in hfss but after simulation, the inductance that I got was much higher than the supposed ~27pH from the schematic simulation. I've attached the hfss file and if anyone spots any mistake, please do let me know! Thanks! Substrate was advised to draw at 737um, air box 2211um, interlayer (...)