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HI, folks: I've start running hfss on diff trace. There is only two metal traces in the model. I used driven modal analysis. Two modes are calculated by solver. Mode1 is odd-mode and mode2 is even-mode. I am confused about that there could be even-mode exists. How the current return since there is nothing else exists?
My question is about the solution frequency in hfss. I want to get a resonance frequency at 63 Mhz, may i set the solution frequency larger.When i solve it at 63 Mhz i cannot tune the frequency to 63 Mhz, it rapidly changes between 55 and 70. Is it something about mesh dimensions. Also i want to ask, if i solve it at 300 MHz can i get field overlay
Hello, I am planning build a large signal model for power transistor including thermal effect. The website of ansoft shows that ePhysics can coupled thermal analysis for Electromagnetic application. I have not use hfss before and It seems to me that hfss is mainly for passive components, so I am wondering can this software be use for (...)
Hi I have the same problem. I have tried many options in hfss to solve it but didn't succeed. please anyone who can help, reply in this forum many thanks sara
Hi to all, I am a newbie in hfss 9.2. I have designed an inductor which is attached to this message and during the analysis I get the following message: " Port refinement, process abc3d : There are no tetrahedral faces assigned to boundary "PerfE1". Since boundary operations are order dependent, please check to make certain that this bo
I also had this problem. What would be the correct way to use the hfss in order to obtain a modal analysis?
Hello : If you have acqueintance about the concept of E-plane & H-plane in hfss you can use it for your analysis . for example if you want to define a tangential E-field on a surface you can consider that surface as H-plane surface . good luck.
using hfss u can model it and simulate it STOP POSTING CRAP!!! Warning #5
Hi guys, The time domain has an inherent limitation. In order to reduce the time step it needs to refine the grid (and the other way around). I recommend to test Ansoft hfss which uses Finite Element analysis. Not only that it has no refinment problems, but also you can control the accuracy of the convergence process. In pr
hfss is good because covers a lot. I have not used maxwell 3d but hfss is a killer. You make a model full simulation etc. takes up to 3 days to perform. I dont know for maxwell 3d anybody used it?
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CST has multiple analysis modules available; you can choose time domain analysis or frequency domain analysis. hfss is only frequency domain. Thus there may be some extra flexibility with CST, although I find that you need a little more expertise with CST and you need to be thouroughly familiar with EM (...)
Once you've created the geometry and specified the ports/ boundary conditions, the hfss simulator will calculate the sparameters that you could export; however it is not necessary to break this analysis down into seperate steps. It's possible to integrate this structure with the rest of the circuit if you plan on analyzing a complete circuit that u
In hfss,how is periodic boundary condition used? Especially tri array?
Hi, I was wondering how i can calculate current flowing thru the plane in hfss Also i have a single port, i thought hfss assumes gnd plane as reference automatically, if i use the citifile created so and want to adda current source and do a transient analysis how can i do it? I would appreciate an example if possible Thanks
filter example hfss
Hi,all friend Have anyone used Ansoft schematic capture to do TDR simulation? I export full wave solution from hfss to schematic capture,but when do transit analysis,sometimes software cant finished simulation,and only give a simple log"maxwell spice not finished".If adjust time step or output stop time,simulation can finished,but not very sure.
hi, ansoft guies: There is one simple question about hfss. Since Adaptive 'Single frequency' analysis will allow users to setup 'Requested Passes', what number will be suitable? I used 7. However, issues come up! The results,obtained by 'Single Frequency', differs greatly from 'Sweep' analysis results? Because of the higher acc
i know the JMAG-Studio.i think this Electromagnetic Field analysis Software is not good. i think hfss or CST is better than it.i don't like it.