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You have to re-run the hfss installation (repair) in order to allow the activation of the link with Ansys Workbench.
Hi, I am new to hfss and now I am trying to simulaate an SRR for 1.8 GHz on FR4 substrate. Can anyone please help me with the design equations to proceed. Thanks in advance Megha
Hi, Scenario: I am acquainted with setup of number of passes and number of modes for the simulation on hfss, apart from the other properties setup initially. Query: Should I define/change the number of nodes also in the hfss analysis setup? My usage is for antenna designing. Thanks
Is there a way to choose where the hfss results directory is located? I currently save my project file to an offsite backed-up network drive but would like the results to be located on the local drive to speed up the analysis - Is this possible (sorry if it's obvious)
Hallo Every one. I am new with hfss, I have simulated my PCS with Pkg model in hfss and S-Parameter seems good. but after exporting the Spice model and simulating in Spectra, I am getting errro Error found by spectre at time = 17.9974 us during transient analysis `tran'. ERROR (SPECTRE-16384): Signal V(I61.xEcos2Symbol.NS_362) = (...)
HI all I want to design and simulate a wilkinson power divider 3 db branchline coupler and backward wave coupler in hfss, kindly help thanks regards kartik
Hi Paolo, to perform power handling test on an eletromagnetic structure in hfss, you must define the value of your power in the port1, then show the field distribution on structure, as you know the maximum electric field shows in V/m. you must khnow the breakdown voltage of each materials you used in your structure. for example, if you used teflon
Hi! I have a metal backing FSS unit cell, and I need to apply image theory to remove the ground plane and get S21 parameters and in a certain way calculate the constitutive params. How can I achive the currents in the lower face are inverse to the current in the upper face and in such way avoid the metallic plate which produce S21=0? Thanks
Hi , I am trying to simulate a structure in hfss and it does not have large number of meshes. Near convergence ( around 20 passes ) the total number elements are 286540. But my simulation slows down while computing Kyrlov matrices etc. I have to finish this simulation and to see the results. I will be very thankful for quick help. Thanks.
Hy, I am a beginner in antenna propagation and hfss. I have a quesion about the monopole antenna. I fixed my antenna on a cylindrical Cavity build with a NEW material with relative permeabilty 1000. when I valdiate it does not display errors and when I click on analysis at the beginning it works then it stops doing in lambda refinement as shown
Hello, I want to know if it is possible to the plot field values at different adaptive passes in a single analysis setup instead of having to create a different analysis setup for different adaptive passes. As an example, I have a single analysis setup with 20 adaptive passes, and will like to plot the field on a surface in my model at (...)
Hi, everyone, I have a question about the hfss v15 that how to queue-up simulations in hfss 15? so that the simulations run after one an other. Is it possible to ask hfss 15 to simulate several projects one by one? :?::?::?: thanks;
I have troubles with import a touchstone file from hfss into Ansoft Designer. While forming an n-data and seting the path for the s3p file just an 'Error in creating n-port data ' occures. I created the .s3p file frome the Solution data window in order to export S-parameters data from power divider model. Can someone explain me the exact steps in e
How to get equivalent circuit of designed antenna in hfss.? For simple patch we could draw .But problem arises with fractal geometry.Also How to get values of L&C
This is a classic problem that all classic antenna text books (Balanis, Volakis, Stutzman , Kraus ...) cover, as well as most of the software such as hfss, CST, FEKO, WIPLD, IE3D ....
Does hfss have ability to calculate characteristic modes as in characteristic mode analysis (CMA) or theory of characteristic modes (TCM)?
Hi guys I am designing a very simple dipole antenna using hfss. However I am not able to run the analysis. Here is the problem; As you see, there is a port refinement problem. I have added integral line and everything is connected and there is no gap between port and my dipole antenna. Please help me by your instructive suggestions. $begin 'P
I am trying to calculate current from the current density in hfss via fields calculator. I used Ampere law to get current. However the value of current I get is not the same as in theory. My model is a dielectric cylinder and I am trying to calculate current flowing through it. Kindly advise. Thanks
i am making my FYP "design and analysis of Low profile UHF RFID tag antenna for liquid bottles"on hfss and i need to learn basic terms and system concepts involved in RFID, can anyone guide me which steps/note key concepts i have to follow during literature review?????
Hi all, I am doing hfss simulation for combination of FR4 PCB and Metal PCB. My simulation failed after running several hours. There was a warning message-"Geometry Stitch Failed. Falling back to backup process". I'm using hfss 15.0 (64 bit) for analysis. Can anyone give me idea what is this warning message and how to get rid of this?