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From hfss help file: Modal For calculating the mode-based S-parameters of passive, high-frequency structures such as microstrips, waveguides, and transmission lines which are "driven" by a source, and for computing incident plane wave scattering. Network analysis is the default and functions as before. Composite Excitation provides a method for
Hi I am making my first steps in hfss and want to calculate Q and L of known coil in order to understand the process. my coil is a very simple flat coil: this coil is a flat coil, known dimensions and properties. I have read the hfss spiral coil help file and did the same just with this coil. ins
do you have hfss installed on servers?
Hi guys I want to control hfss 13.0 from MATLAB to carry out sensitivity analysis using MATLAB without any need to run hfss repeatedly. Can anybody help me on that
h i every one while i am working on my design in hfss especially in optimization, i get error after analyze said that Optimization analysis failed - Initial value is infeasible what they mean with initial value....
In a infinite structure we know we can set BC as master & slave and floquet port to analysis, but when I want to analysis a 5*5 structure How should I set the BC and what port can we use? Because I need to create a TEM wave, and when we use radiation BC and wave port can't create a TEM wave. So hope someone can help with this question or sent m
Hi, I have to analysis a mode selector which has three modes TE01, TE02, TE03. Can anyone suggest whats steps to be followed to get the result without an error?? My Input signal frequency for mode selector is 42GHz. I have designed and executed it. But iam getting message "analysis completed with some execution error". What I have to do to remov
@anvc - This sounds like a problem with mixed units or improper setup. A simple dipole should not take more than a couple of minutes to solve. Even though the structure may be large in physical size (17 cm), it should be reasonable in electrical size (lambda/2). Check to make sure your units are correct, and that your analysis frequency is appropri
i am following this steps, Result > far field report > radiation pattern > gainLX for Eplane copolarization. but nt getting results.:?: Plz any1 tell me am i right????????? & wt r steps to see H Plane polarization ???????:?: Please reply as early as possible. Thanking u in anticipation
I have designed a monopole antenna array in driven mode and now i want its transient analysis what should i do tell me the steps?
In hfss how to plot the MEG plot? and also tell me how to obtain the XPR fdor MIMO antenn in different environment condition?
Hi anyone. I want to know what's the meaning of this message in hfss 11(for a waveguide and a microstrip antenna array this error was occurred!): Solution setup 'setup1':Given the specified frequency and and model dimensions,an extremely large mesh will be required to produce an accurate solution.Your model and/or frequency units may be set incor
this is picture for problem , please help me , and give me solve for this problem . 87718
Hi all...This is Yugandhar. I am working with hfss.I have 2 doubts. Can anyone guide me my multi layered problem analysis; hfss results and closed form solution results are matching only at a particular height. If I try to change the dimensions of my model, results are invalidated(hfss and closed form solutions are not (...)
hello , guys, I have installed the hfss 13 and ANSYS 13, and I want to do thermal analysis. After simulation , I get a 'xml' file by 'export transfer file for ansys' in hfss, but when I load that file , a dialog denote me that ' either the specified location is incorrect or the sou
Ansoft hfss Antenna Design kit creates hfss model of rectangular patch antenna with edge feed at 2.45GHz. In that model I set narrower frequency sweep, add additional analysis with more adaptive passes, adjust Return loss raport to see booth analysis results. It is normal, that return loss resonances are at different (...)
I am stimulating a parallel plate capacitor(30X30X30 um^3). I have to apply a frequency sweep form 1HZ to 300 GHZ. I applied voltage as the exciataion and in the analysis I assigned the frequency sweep. I am assuming that hfss would apply V=Vsin(wt) between the plates. Is that right? Is it reasonable to use voltage excitation for very low and very
Non-manifold objects are objects with mixed dimensionality: for example a pair of 2D objects connected by a 1D line. Use the Model analysis tool in hfss to identify these erroneous objects (or simply by examining your structure). Try another way to create your antenna in order to avoid mixed dimensionality.
Before hiring time on kit that runs hfss, AWR or CST, etc, it would be handy to know.. Can the port that is used to feed a circular polarized structure, say like a circular section feed-horn, be a simple linear polarized port where we simply expect 3dB loss? Can one stack drive ports on the same spot, with the polarization directions at 90
I want to plot the Gain (dBi) vs Frequency (GHz) of an antenna on a 2D graph using: hfss -> Results -> Create Far Field Report -> Rectangular Plot but have a different trace for each variation of a parameter which was swept using hfss -> Optimetrics analysis -> Add Parametric I have used a Discrete frequency swee