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I simulate CPW/grounded CPW on hfss, my target is to find the Z0 of the line. do I need to calculate this thru S-Parameters / Z-Parameters, or is there any shortcut ?
Use Ansoft Designer to bring in the hfss project. Where you would have caps in hfss, place lumped ports. The lumped ports will become pins in Designer (a circuit tool) where you can connect passive elements for a linear network analysis. This will calculate the S net S Parameter of the antenna at the feed in Designer...however then you (...)
Hi all, I have some questions to ask you about Port Only solution in hfss. By setting this solution, the analysis is expected to be done at only one frequency (solution frequency, say 2.4 GHz), right. However, as shown in the microstrip example of hfss user's guide, there is a frequency sweep added to this Port Only solution (say 1 (...)
hi all, i have designed the balun structure in hfss. Now i want to set the inner diameter of it as variable to do parametric analysis. Is it possible??????? Thanks in advance......
Do you really need EM analysis for your CPW work? And if you do, why do you want to use hfss instead of a planar EM solver? A planar solver like Momentum, Sonnet, IE3D is optimized for planar problems and much easier to handle. I see hfss used all over the place here, for the most trivial things, but most users seem to have no idea (...)
For 3D model EM analysis, hfss is a better choice, I think. But if you have to do co-simulation with schematic, ADS is recommended.
hi all, i have made a center tapped balun structure in hfss using metal layers 6, 5 & 4. It is of interleaved type i.e. primary & secondary winding are formed on the same metal layer(here metal 6 to achieve high value of Q ). the real problem is how to do its analysis by using lumped ports in driven terminal mode & extract the equivalent ckt
I am trying o design wilkinson power divider with coaxial probe feed at 16GHz. Please it some one can write down the deign procedure. Also please tell me how can I check this divider in hfss (how feed is given at input? what should be at output ports?). Finally how can i see the plot of S21,S12,S22 etc please write the steps for hfss. I will be re
I simulated paper in hfss but the results don't like that in the paper i want help me to solve this proplem i attached the paper and simulation of it 56319
HPC is an option to your hfss-License. (And therefore I think It will cost extra.) Maybe HPC is included in the Research License, I'll find out in a few days.
Hi Carole, I personally use the solve ports only in hfss to find the right size of my waveports and prevent higher modes propagation. Often at microwaves you have to deal with these higher modes. I advise you to take a look at the hfss user's guide for this port analysis. Hope it helped a bit, JB
firstly learn the finline analysis theorical then start to modeling on hfss because finline theory is not designed before learned the theory
Hello, I need to analyze a waveguide with an unorthodox shape. I have the shape of the OUTER cross section (2D dxf - Customer info provided). I would like create IN hfss the INNER cross section contour. I can do that in Autocad, but unfortunately Autocad cannot read the dxf provided, so this is why I need to do that in
Hi ihamieh it's very easy to design antenna arrays with hfss. In the radiation section select Antenna Array Setup and insert array elements number and feeding. After analysis you can see Array Factor from results. I hope it'll be helpful
The best tools in business are CST, Empire 3D, FEKO and hfss
There is slotline antenna: circle slot in infinite ground plane. I want analize radiance propertys of slotline by replacing it with wire radiator same shape as slotline. Using hfss which component of wire radiator's field I should measure to obtain equivalent of slotline antenna's pattern rETheta(Phi=0) for Theta = 0..360? * Duality princi
People have been doing what you are doing for years with hfss. If you click on "export equivalent circuit" you are calling a licensed feature...if you do not have the license, it will not create the RLC SPICE export. However, most people simply export the touchstone file (S Matrix) and link it to a solution in Designer or another circuit tool. A
I see 3 possible solutions: 1. Use hfss freq solver and split your wide band on some narrow bands. With the ratio hi freq/low freq =2 it should be OK. 2. Use fdtd, CST MWS, XFDTD or something. 3. Use hfss 13 it has implemented transient solver inside.
Dear All, I am trying to analyze the A-sandwich radome in hfss. Please find the attachment for hfss model for the A-sandwich radome. I am getting the expected results for normal incidence only, but not with oblique incidence. It is required to find the insertion loss (also in terms of transmission coefficient) of the radome with the variation
Hi, I want to know , is there any compatibility requirement between the s parameters and field overlays?? My s-parameters response is quite good, but field overlays analysis does not seem satisfactory. What i should do, plz tell if one knows..