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Hi all. I want to calculate the resonant frequency (and inner electrical pattern) of the cavity with inner dielectric. So I use hfss eigenmode. However in this analysis, even the result shows the resonant frequency of low Q factor (about 0.01-0.5). And anytime, stop the simulate because of many resonate is occurred (low Q). I want to so
I want a distribute mode. On my remote computer, i did exactly what help says on "Configuring the Remote Machine". I configured dcom hfssCOMENGINE. When i want to analyze on remote hfss gives error : "Unable to locate or start COM engine on '192... ' The server failed to operate" and did nothing. When i look task manager on my Remot
2) Export the design and doing Electromagnetic analysis in hfss. 3) Export the design from hfss as a GDS2 file and do the electrical analysis in Silvaco. If you do the EM modelling in step 2, you will get the complete electrical response with good accuracy and can create a broad band model from there. So wh
I desperately need to simulate this circuit using possible
As I know, the main difference between the commercial softwares is the computation method used , for instance: XFDTD: FDTD based software hfss: FEM based software Ansoft Designer: 2D planar MOM based software . . . . etc
Hey guys, Sorry for the delay in uploading my file, I was out of town for a few days. Here's the file containing my patch antenna that I'm trying to simulate at 915 MHz. In the current file, I had tried out using a near-field sphere with a radius of 100 mm and a skewed near-field resulted. I'm still stumped as to why this is happening, but
hi, can any one share me some hfss files on analysis of a helical resonator, it's important regarding my project!
Hi all :) can somone please help with: 1) The feed point cause i'm not really sure how we calulcate it....i tried using Antenna Theory analysis and design by Balanis (3rd edition) looking at example 14.2 but im not really sure how they got the G(12) = 6.1683e-4 using the 14.18(a) equation just to make it simple the parameters i'm using are:
hi what kind of help you are seeking, you should look out hfss software properly i think its very easy to analysis q factor and other details.
The plane wave expansion method may be the most popular for calculating photonic band diagrams. Rigorous coupled-wave analysis and finite-difference time-domain may be the most popular for simulating scattering. With off-the-shelf software, you will find hfss and CST very popular.
Dear All, I read in an Ansoft document about PML that: - the "Uniform Layer Thickness" should be set to be lamda/10 of the lowest frequency to be solved for (page 7 of the doc attached). Can anybody explain me which minimun frequency it is in concern here? It is the start frequency for the analysis or the minimun frequency set in the PML Wiza
Hi, all~ I want to conduct mode analysis for an antenna. This method is used by some researchers. I searched the internet and got several papers. However not much detail on how to model can be obtained there. About the model setup, PML seems to be necessary. Other hard boundaries are not reasonable to use for computational domain terminatio
as i have put all my knowledge regarding hfss but still cant find..why the desired result doesn't come so plz if any one help me.........
I am having problems simulating an antenna that radiates into a lossy medium in hfss. The antenna is a microstrip patch antenna. I am using hfss to simulate the performance of the antenna. I performed a simulation of the antenna in a radiation box composed of free space and the results (e.g. S11, radiation patterns, gain vs. freq) obtained are
you have to specify number of passes in hfss when you do analysis setup, you specify. the option is below solution frequency. If your question is how to determine the value then it will depend on how fast & accurate result you want and how much is speed of your computer. if you specify big number then it will take lot of time.
plz help me how to perform parametric analysis for circular patch antenna???? thanks
plz help me how to perform parametric analysis for circular patch antenna????
halo i am trying to figure out how the do the set up in hfss of the structure in hfss.i able to do the coax setup in case of simple everytime i try to create a probe of pec for sustrate and air on analysis i get error message that probe and air intersect.if i try to create a probe for air and probe for substrate seprately again i (...)
You can't. hfss is an EM simulator when diodes are nonlinear components.
Pls, I need help on the above. I introduced the dummy substrates and Discrete setup analysis but my simulation keeps hanging for days and doesnt exceed Pass 1. Pls if there's error in my design, help me out. Attached is my design.

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