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Did you try this kind of simulation in hfss? I mean what kind of output/results you are looking for? Did you check CST help for these questions?
1. The lumped port looks OK to me. 2. "Meshing" means dividing the structure into small tetrahedrons so that it can be solved by finite element analysis. hfss automatically creates a mesh and then adds/removes tetrahedrons to optimize it. Usually this automatic mesh is OK. In certain situations you want to constrain the mesh in a certain way, for
Dear Irfan, I am have to model RF connectors in hfss and make spice model of the same and analyze spice model can you help me regarding this. Like what all things i should do for boundry condition excitation etc and during analysis what all steps should be considered. Thanks Arun Kumar
Hi There is a Swicth matrix designed on a 8 Layer Fr4 board at 2 GHz. We need to carry out isolation analysis using hfss. I need references/White papers on similar analysis. If there is an example hfss project with similar analysis, that will be really great. Please support. Sanjeev
I have tried to simulate the design of an microstrip antenna with complementry split ring ressonator. Please help me to resolve it. Thanks.
hello everybody, plz help me , i want to simulate antenna terminated in layered human body model i.e. wants to calculate the SAR in layered body model. plz tell me how can i do SAR setting for different layers like skin,fat or muscle layers??? and how can i plot SAR vs thickness of layers.....
Hello, I am running hfss from a VBS script. Unfortunately, the script does not wait for hfss to finish the analysis. here are the two lines: oDesign.Analyze "Setup1 : Sweep1" ------ script tell hfss to run Set oModule = oDesign.GetModule("ReportSetup") ----- script tells hfss to create a (...)
Hi guys! I'm working to the same problem (look at my recent post) Now i'm trying to use floquet ports in hfss 11. i'll tell the news as soon as i get some useful results bye
I think it is not easy to do it in hfss. Usually CST and SEMCAD are used for SAR simulation. Hope hfss application engineers can give some guidance here.
Dear All Have you ever met such problem? I ran the analysis in hfss and open the window of "Matrix Data", however the option "equivalent circuit export" is unavailable. How can I fix it???? Thanks!!
im not sure if any kind of dc analysis is possible in hfss. but would it not be sufficient to use a low frequency simulation and use the real part of the s-parameters?
What that means is that the convergence was not reached by your adaptive passes (that is delta S is not under 0.02, which is typical value). You need to let the hfss solve more passes (increase the max adaptive passes value in the analysis-setup window).
How about FEKO and hfss? can they be used for those purpose? thanks
Hi all, please can any one help me to answer theses questions/ 1- i'm working to design a very UWB antenna (from 3 to 50 GHz). i would to perform this design by hfss, but the probl?me that i have is: when i set the frequency setup at 50 GHz for analysis, i have the following message: "solution setup 'setup1": given the frequency and model dimensi
Is it possible to analyze the currents in silicon substrate using hfss ... I am trying to built Silicon spiral Inductor and want to analyze the substrate currents.. Thanks Kasi Absolutely. As long as it involves one type of silicon e.g. p-type, you can use hfss. wlcsp
the return loss curve is not coming properly only a single dot is shown This is because you have only one frequency point in your analysis setup. Under analysis, you have setup1. right click on setup1 and select "add frequency sweep". Then define your start, stop frequency and step (or linear count). Now simulate the str
Hello, I'm configuring my hfssv11 to work in "distributed mode" in two computers runnig Windows Xp PRO sp2 and Win 2k3 Server. I've configured the DCOM in both machines, and tested it with "dcomtest" ( ). The "dcomtest" was OK! But when I try to run the hfss in distributed mode I got an error message: "Unable
really you should use the help files in hfss but in the newest version right click on setup which is under the analysis tab in the project tree; click on matrix data, check the options you would like and then export to touchstone. pretty easy.
i have just created a differential transmission line based on a tsmc 90nm process, using hfss. Could someone please guide me with the boundaries and the analysis setup in order to find the odd mode resistance and γ=α+jβ? thanks in advance for your help
come on. if you have already simulated rectangular patch in hfss, then what is the problem, i think in this forum you should discuss problem which means that you should at least try by yourself first and then ask for any problem. For reference as to what should be the dimensions and all, please refer to Balanis Chapter-14 on microstrip patch anten