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I use IE3D Zeland.It's very fast end friendly for antenna analysis.You can simulated 2.5D and some 3D structures.For 3D structures you must now very good this profram.When you have very complex design,I use Ansoft hfss.
Rewind here, are you designing the microstrip using hfss? I thought the user has to tell hfss what the frequency is, for analysis. Or are you talking about the guide wavelength?
hfss,CST and IE3D
first of all what version of hfss are you using? - You should be able to do both a frequency sweep and optimetrics (variation) at the same time. 1 - set the analysis set up. create a new solution, and choose your solution frequency. 2 - Add a sweep under that solution setup you just created. Hierarchically, you see solution under (...)
If your computer is dual-core, you could go to tool->Option->hfss Option->Solver, and set up number of processors be 2. I think it would be helpful to reduce your simulation time. Of course, the above-mentioned comments are also valuable. Good luck!
hfss is a useful tool for antenna analysis. If you are after "array factor" I suggest that you spend some time with Kraus, "Antennas" where he discusses how one may calculate array factors.
need help about parmametric analysis in hfss
Has anybody successfully tried to run hfss on a linux grid? Especially on one that uses pbs script for job submission. I am interested in knowing how you set it up. And any difficulties involved. I know in the tutorial, there are hints on setting up distributed analysis. Thanks,
I saw there is an increasing interest in reflectarray analysis, so i guess it could be helpful to collect the different way to analize the scattered field from a reflectarray cell. First we have to fix the target we're interested on: - let us consider a RA cell illuminated from a plane wave coming from a direction (Θ,φ) (speric
I tried to do eigen mode analysis on coupled microstrip resonant MR RF coil using hfss and simulation was complete but i found that adaptive passes didn't converge and i got solution in complex frequency. i am little bit confused. can somebody provide me any information or links so that i can correct my simulation.
Hi if your model and boundery and feed and analysis step are correct, I think you're using unregisted version or your model (radiation box) is too much big. it's better that you use hfss v9.2 or 10
hi every body , I am a beginner with hfss , i started in designing small dipole , but i was surprised that the directivity was not as have been expected , that it is should be around 1.5 for the ideal small dipole :cry: . the design consider operating frequency of 300 MHz and dipole of length of λ/70 = 14.28 mm , i used copper , and here is t
hi, I need to define a broadband feed transition in hfss. But I dont know how to do it and ı dnot know any informatins which are about it. So, can you give to me informations and how to define it in hfss.? thanks for your helps
hi everybofy; i have some problems about hfss. there is a variable, named "solution frequency" in hfss/analysis setup/add solution setup. i dont know the meaning of this variable. when i changed this value, the S(21) caractersitics shift and change. what must i do or where am i making wron? and sometimes, when i move the sim
I agree with max. The external mutual coupling between elements may have a great effect on the performance of the entire array. Periodic boundaries (slave and master in hfss ) may be used for the analysis of single element with consideration on the external mutual coupling in the arrary. However, the internal mutual coupling (for example, wavegu
Hello, Here are my comments... Cadence PCB SI solutions (SpecctraQuest) No Frequency domain solver (Harmonic Balance) & No Electomagnetic Simulator (MOM) which required for critical signal integrity distributed models Ansoft AnsoftLinks+Q3D+hfss+Designer+SIwave solutons Ansoft has all but limitations
Actually, hfss is a frequency domain full 3D EM analysis tool, based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). Fidelity is a time domain full 3D EM analysis tool, based on the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) technique. Each has its relative strengths and weaknesses, so which tool is best really depends on your application and (...)
Dear all, I am a very new user of hfss. I want to get the S-parameter of a multi-conductor transmission line structure. I don't know what kind of excitations and boundaries to assign in hfss. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks a lot!
Hi, I'm doing school project on modelling/simulation of integrated multi-finger metal capacitor. I'd like to get any information and useful referances, like journals, theories, links. I'll also be doing hfss simulation of the intrametal capacitance of these capacitors. Please advice what are the scopes of learning and analysis that i should b