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Hi, I have to define frequency as a variable in hfss. However, I noticed I can not put variables in either the "solution frequency" in "analysis setup/General tab" or sweep. Could anybody help me with that please? Thanks in advance! Michelle
1)Ansoft Designer is different from Ansoft hfss. It contains circuit and system analysis as well as a 2.5 dimensional EM simulator which uses Moment method, while hfss is a 3 dimensional EM simulator which uses Finite Element method. 2) Ansoft has its own tutorials which are good enough. I propose that you use its "getting started" for (...)
I want to optimize the cavity filter when I set the frequency range I can set the single value only(default) Can you tell me how to set the frequency range in hfss? Thank you
Hi, everyone: I have been using hfss to observe the field pattern in a resonant cavity for several days but there are still some questions I couldn't understand about the software, can anybody help me, thanks. 1. what on earth is an intergration line and what's its function? In some tutorials of hfss they say an intergration line serves as an
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the antenna near field analysis. In order to analyze the near field of the printed antenna, we need to define the plane for display. It seems to me that we still need the radiation boundary in order to absort all the outgoing radiation wave. But my problem is that the wavelength compared with the my ant
Again... Dear osmandigital, For those who are familiar, analysis of FSSs works pretty much the same way as EBGs (or even PBGs). I've placed some hfss tutorials on EBGs for some reader before. I'm re-directing you guys to the thread
Dear pipi, For those who are familiar, analysis of FSSs works pretty much the same way as EBGs (or even PBGs). I've placed some hfss tutorials on EBGs for some reader before. I'm re-directing you guys to the thread
Reminder: From hfss-10 menu: Select Tools/Options/General Option Select "analysis Option" Select "Queue all simulation"
You have posted in the wrong thread. The name of this thread is "hfss Tutorial".
If you are referring to hfss analysis, the waveport for a CPW feedline must contact the side grounds in order to set up the proper modes on the line. The bottom boundary should extend down to the groundplane if it is grounded CPW and past the dielectric bottom if it is ungrounded CPW. The recommended port width is 3*(2g + w) and minimum port height
What results are you looking to get from hfss? a) Be sure to check the current distribution. Se my posts in: b) Do a convergence analysis by comparing s-parameters of runs with decreasing Delta-S error tolerance AND port error tolerance (if using wave ports). Do this in MWO als
I am experiencing a similar problem with hfss. I set up the simulation such that at least 5 runs converge. After a while convergence is achieved. Then in the subsequent 3-4 runs, the convergence is achieved. But suddenly at the 4th or 5th run there is an error of %98. Out of 36 runs, none of the 4 runs converged to the same value after one another.
I think it is not possible, since intermodulation effect is a nonlinear effect which cannot be modelled in hfss using FEM. may be you need a time domain simulator that can model nonlinear effects.
I make a model in hfss where I use a lumport to feed a microstrip. The microstrip is placed in an empty conductive 3D ellipsoid. 1)After I start the analysis an error message appears saying: The gap source will be short circuited by the conductors... but I can't understand what it means, because when I simulate the microstrip alone, wi
I don't have access to OTS. If someone does, may I ask a big big favor: Please ask them how do I start an analysis (analyze) only with unix command-line. Basically, I'd like to telnet to a unix box and write something like this: hfss -batchsolve my_antenna.hfss (I've tried -batchsolve and -iconic with Unix hfss9.x and (...)
Hi, In hfss, Analyze at you would with Far-field simulation. When analysis is done, Create a line on which the field is to be measure, then select Result/CreateReport/Near-field. Regards.
Hi all, Suppose I have a finished .hfss project on a unix machine. What is the command I can use to start the Simulation(analysis) process without opening the GUI ? For example: telnet to the unix box and type something like this: hfss my_project.hfss -analyze Thank you for your input. xx
For low freq (1GHz) we are using Q3D to extract the model and proceed to Hspice for SI analysis For higher freq, hfss is used to model the package and same Hspice for SI analysis. Latest trend/development in Ansoft Designer makes it a good alternative for full path simulation i.e. when combining package and MB in one simulation (...)
Hi bingjiang99, Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) is a fictitious boundary condition. it's a kind of abserbing boundary condition with lossy & unisotropic meterial. its parameter is calculated so that it has no reflection theoretically. In hfss if you wanna near radiation box to the structure smaller than lambda/4 or you want to have more accurat
I am doing parametric analysis in hfss 9. How can I extract the calculated results to txt file to be processed after finish.