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I designed a 2*2 microstrip patch array...i dont know how to do array setup, radiation sphere setup & analysis setup for array using hfss...somebody clear my doubt
Hello I have designed a mono helical antenna in hfss with these settings: Solution type:Driven a Helix with these settings 126192 and "analysis" option: 126193 126194 and frequency sweep: 126196 and here is my design 126195[/AT
Hi, Scenario: I am acquainted with setup of number of passes and number of modes for the simulation on hfss, apart from the other properties setup initially. Query: Should I define/change the number of nodes also in the hfss analysis setup? My usage is for antenna designing. Thanks
Hi , I am trying to simulate a structure in hfss and it does not have large number of meshes. Near convergence ( around 20 passes ) the total number elements are 286540. But my simulation slows down while computing Kyrlov matrices etc. I have to finish this simulation and to see the results. I will be very thankful for quick help. Thanks.
Hello, I want to know if it is possible to the plot field values at different adaptive passes in a single analysis setup instead of having to create a different analysis setup for different adaptive passes. As an example, I have a single analysis setup with 20 adaptive passes, and will (...)
I have troubles with import a touchstone file from hfss into Ansoft Designer. While forming an n-data and seting the path for the s3p file just an 'Error in creating n-port data ' occures. I created the .s3p file frome the Solution data window in order to export S-parameters data from power divider model. Can someone explain me the exact steps in e
How to get equivalent circuit of designed antenna in hfss.? For simple patch we could draw .But problem arises with fractal geometry.Also How to get values of L&C
Dear All I have just installed hfss 15 with a licence over server. HFFS can run simulations on the local machine but not able to run simulations on any of the two servers I have dose anyone have a clue about this? I have LInux but have installed hfss on the Windows on My virtual Machine and everything is through my university network I woul
@anvc - This sounds like a problem with mixed units or improper setup. A simple dipole should not take more than a couple of minutes to solve. Even though the structure may be large in physical size (17 cm), it should be reasonable in electrical size (lambda/2). Check to make sure your units are correct, and that your analysis frequency is appropri
Hi anyone. I want to know what's the meaning of this message in hfss 11(for a waveguide and a microstrip antenna array this error was occurred!): Solution setup 'setup1':Given the specified frequency and and model dimensions,an extremely large mesh will be required to produce an accurate solution.Your model and/or frequency units may be (...)
I was wrong, the correct way to do what I want is to go to the Calculations tab in the setup Sweep analysis window, and click setup Calculations. However, in the dialog that appears, I face again the same problem: in Context/Report type I can only select Eigenmode Parameters in hfss14.0, but in hfss12.1 I (...)
Hi I have some questions about transient analysis in hfss 13. First what does minimum radiating distance mean in PML setup wizard? Why it is fixed on 100 mm. Also why frequencies extracted do fixed at 901 and I appreciate if we can change it? And what does the plot of residual on a log scale mean?
Hello, i have attached the paper on which i have done the work and i have attached the hfss file also of my design. the paper has resonant frequency of 2.45 GHz with return loss of -27dB but my results are resonant frequency of 2.40GHZ with return loss of -20dB. please check my and if it doesn need any correction please guide me i will be very
hi, i am designing a 5 patch antenna using hfss and facing error of "adaptive pass did not converge based on specified criteria" during simulation.Can someone advise me on the error as i am new in using this software.I tried simulation in one element using same analysis and radiation setup profile. Please help.thanks.
Hi, I am learning hfss simulation. I don't understand the meaning of "solution frequency" in analysis setup. How to setup it? I am trying to simulate a parallel plate waveguide, which has TM1 cut off frequency at 2GHz. If I want to see TM1 mode, I need to setup this solution frequency higher than (...)
I am trying o design wilkinson power divider with coaxial probe feed at 16GHz. Please it some one can write down the deign procedure. Also please tell me how can I check this divider in hfss (how feed is given at input? what should be at output ports?). Finally how can i see the plot of S21,S12,S22 etc please write the steps for hfss. I will be re
Hi, so first of all, take care of the RadiationBox dimensions...from the hfss guide we know that this should be at least at lambda/4 from the radiating surfaces..check you design to assure that. What is the frequency range ? best
HI All. I have a problem using the Option solve ports only on hfss 12. Actually the design is validated and the when i want to simulate the design by pressing on analyse all it dosent work. anyone has any idea ? Thanks
Hi ihamieh it's very easy to design antenna arrays with hfss. In the radiation section select Antenna Array setup and insert array elements number and feeding. After analysis you can see Array Factor from results. I hope it'll be helpful
Hi, all~ I want to conduct mode analysis for an antenna. This method is used by some researchers. I searched the internet and got several papers. However not much detail on how to model can be obtained there. About the model setup, PML seems to be necessary. Other hard boundaries are not reasonable to use for computational domain terminatio