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Hi, I'm trying to plot the phase velocity of the propagating TM01 mode in hfss. I'm using single frequency, and according to numerical analysis, the structure should change the phase velocity along a line (for example, z-axis). Any ideas on how to do it? Thanks!
I designed a 2*2 microstrip patch array...i dont know how to do array setup, radiation sphere setup & analysis setup for array using hfss...somebody clear my doubt
If you have electronics desktop 17, 2D extractor seems pretty good for doing this type of solving. If you're just using regular hfss, a scattering analysis should give you a good indication of how much power is lost for your excited mode(s).
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a chiral media and retrieve its parameters. I almost read all threads about this topic. But they all discuss obtaining constitutive parameters from S-parameters. I need help with the previous step! How to extract S-parameter. I already used hfss for antenna simulation, but it is a special case. My media is large to proc
I would use the parametric curve drawing feature in hfss to create the particular spiral and then sweep a small circle along the curve to create a wire object for additional analysis. You can create a wide range of 3D lines using this feature but it takes a bit of work to understand how to use the feature. It also sometimes gives strange results
Hi I'm not entirely sure if this should belong in this subforum or one related more to circuit simulation, but here goes. I simulated a structure in hfss and was able to export an equivalent *.s4p file so that I could use it in Cadence Virtuoso. However, when I run port analysis in Cadence, the resulting s-parameter simulation is different. I
Hi I am working on wakefield analysis in a Multi-Bunch Normal conducting FEL Structures. For this I used hfss for modeling as I wanted to plot Dispersion Curves for all cells so I used master slave boundary condition. Since there is no specific tool in hfss for wakefiled analysis so I imported the model in CST Wakefield (...)
Hi Is it possible to use hfss for wake filed analysis of multi bunch constant gradient normal conducting structures? I have used PIC solver of CST for this type of analysis but want to do wake filed analysis in hfss
hi can anyone help for simulating rf mems cpw shunt switch in ansoft hfss for obtaining S-parameters. How to analyse the S-parameters for the switch during ON and OFF condition of the switch. Thanks
Hello friends, am designing a rectangular microstrip patch antenna. I used transmission line method to calculate the parameters but need software for other analysis.Please, let someone help me with the matlab code and hfss Software. Thank you for your quick response. Mathson
Hello friends, am designing a rectangular microstrip patch antenna. I used transmission line method to calculate the parameters but need software for other analysis.Please, let someone help me with the matlab code and hfss Software. Thank you for your quick response. Mathson
Hello I have designed a mono helical antenna in hfss with these settings: Solution type:Driven a Helix with these settings 126192 and "analysis" option: 126193 126194 and frequency sweep: 126196 and here is my design 126195[/AT
Folks, I'm using ansysedt on RHEL with an HPC pool license. I am simulating an hfss model (driven) across a parametric sweep. The analysis is utilizing the direct solver with an interpolating frequency sweep. The analysis configuration is utilizing 40 cores with 10 tasks on the local machine (48 cores on this machine). The Job (...)
Hello everyone. As a small test of the effect of port shape and size on their value, I've built a simple current loop of random dimensions with a capacitive element to make it a resonant structure at 128MHz. Looking at the eigenmode analysis result it behaves like it should. However, when I want to inspect its frequency behavior through a lumped po
Hello, I have design the Series ohmic RE MEMS switch in Coventor V-8 and that structure imported on hfss. I am phasing problem in assigning properties such as voltage and then boundary conditions. How to analyse the S-parameters for the switch and then how to design ON and OFF condition of the switch and obtained the current distribution for th
Hello everyone. hfss-14 can show the number of tetrahedra per object progressing while performing adaptive analysis. However when I use lots of surface elements (ports, ideal conductors, etc) I am more interested in the number of triangles defined on a surface element. Especially when I suspect the number of tets is running away because the solv
Hello, i succed to simulate two monopole antenna in hfss but i dont understand the simulation results because i m beginner in hfss: The difference betwen S11, S22; S21 and S12; i would like to visualise the horizontaal Gain so i clik in create far field report ;radiation patern but i found this fig123692 b
Hello all, I have a problem with Ansys Electronics Desktop 16.2. When I try to simulate a model, the COM engine starts but immediately becomes unresponsive. The error I get in the message window is: Com Engine non-responsive since 22:23:31, September 08, 2015. Can be due to CPU intensive processing or network problems. If pe
I am working on hfss designing of patch antenna. Here in the design when it is simulated it sometimes completes adaptive pass and does the analysis but the same design if I close and open and re validate and run then it shows conversenge problem. Again if I save the file in some other directory then sometimes it passes sometimes it doesnt.What is t
You have to properly set the hfss simulation into Ansys Workbench. Then you re-run the hfss simulation, and you have to link the results with a Thermal (Steady State or Transient) module in Workbench. Once you have imported the dissipated losses into that module, you can easily get the temperature results. However it is not easy to properly set the