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From the posted pictures is hard to understand where the mistake is. Try to follow the example below, and you will understand how to design a coaxial feed. Indications might not be exactly the same if you use a different version of the simulator.
You can probably excite two coaxial modes on the pins (one on each). In hfss, lumped ports should be OK.
I did not used hfss, but I guess there must be examples for such antennas. You can start by altering examples, and make them from scratch to remember typical steps. For example, Sonnet lite have example of coaxial fed patch antenna.
Hi everyone, I designed a slot in a cylindrical wall in hfss and manufactured it. To be in the desired frequency, the feeding point was not exactly the same as hfss computed, but it does not matter. I have to feed the slot, theorically I have to weld the coaxial inner face to on side of slot and the outer (...)
HI, i have designed an cavity backed antenna in driven terminal using two co-axial coaxial feed length is 40mm..if i assingned air as material to the cavity i can run the simulation without the error and my return loss value is less than -10db.if i am assigning copper as material to the cavity i am getting very low return loss.what mat
Hi everyone i am designing a monopole fed RFSR antenna for tat 1st i should design a monopole wire antenna with coaxial feed can anyone tell me the procedure to design tat antenna in hfss or plz send me the hfss file i will understand by tat
Hi I read a paper in which exact structure of a fat dipole microstrip antenna is described. My question is about the feeding structure. Is it necessary to set up for example a coaxial feed and its entrance as input port or we can draw port right at the antenna? Is there any difference between ADS, CST, hfss in this regard? (...)
Dear members, I am trying to simulate a conical antenna placed on a circular ground having a cut-out for the coaxial feed. The coax contains the Outer Cylinder (PEC), the inner Teflon and the innermost feed pin cylinder (PEC). The structure can be seen below; 128776 Can someone please assist me on how to excite the
Hello, I am using hfss V13,and simulating a Planer Inverted F antenna with coaxial feed line.Validation check is successful.But no result found in s11 plot.I attached the view of design.Anyone can help me please?
Hello, I am farely new to hfss and can't seem to circle my head around the problem of modeling components. For example let's say I have modeled a coaxial cable in hfss with a shield and now want to make a component that will in Simplorer appear as black box with 2 inputs (1 input for the core (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate a coax connector in hfss and trying to correlate simulation results with theoretical formulae. Currently, I have modeled a coax connector with a GOLD inner conductor and PTFE dielectric(epsilon = 2.1). I have setup ports at both ends of the coax with port impedances 50 and 80 ohms respectively. (...)
Hi ! i'm kinda new to hfss and wanted to know how to horizontally feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coax cable . i have seen the other threads using a coax too feed the ground plane but i have problem feeding it through a microstrip feedline . what percussion should i take or what boundaries conditions should i set . i include examples showing
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention steps and tell me how to know what will be inner (...)
Dear Sahu here you go
Hi to all, I need A COMPACT CPW-FED UWB ANTENNA WITH GSM, GPS, BLUETOOTH and DUAL NOTCH BandS APPLI- CATION antenna design for my thesis. Is there any in these examples? Also i cant take wave port for coaxial in my project. i use hfss v15 in hfss full book v.10 . i donot know how to design slots
Hello everyone, I am trying to design a Microstrip Patch Antenna using hfss and I need help regarding dimensions of coaxial cable to implement in hfss. Can you tell me what are the standard connectors available in the market? I am from India and I have heard that not many connectors are (...)
just like the title .and the picture below
Hi, I tried the simulation with hfss 13 and 15, and I got similar results in terms of matching and radiation patterns. My only concern is that you use an air-dielectric coaxial, or you forgot to assign material (e.g. Teflon) to the air in the coaxial probe. Regards, Pere
Hi, i was trying to simulate the antenna described in the file .pdf, but I have some difficulties to understand how does it function. I made the design with hfss 13, but i don't know how to apply bounderies and excitations in this case. Have I need to design a coaxial probe to fed the antenna, or i have to apply a port in (...)
Hi all, I wanted to feed the dipole patch antenna with the wave port(the figure of the antenna is below), but I don't know how to do that. I know how to feed it with lumped port. However, I'm willing to know the input impedance of the proposed antenna. Thanks all (I have hiden the substrate, and GND doesn't exist) 97285[