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Hello, I'm not sure if I have a windows compatibility issue here. I used to work with ANSYS designer and hfss importing board files (*.brd) from Allegro PCB Editor and the software recognized the board without problems. It's been a few months since I had done this for the last time and back then I had (...)
I am currently working to develop pcb for my circular array of dielectric resonator antenna which i have simulated in hfss. I have been reviewing previos posts of this forum and also from internet for post few days. But i am not satisfied bcz material on antenna pcb is very rare. I am using Altium designer for this Purpose. Also want to know (...)
You can import .s2p as solutions but not as models as far as I know in hfss. In designer you can import n-port model and browse to the s parameter file to import. then you can connect it in a circuit just like any other circuit component.
when I try push excitation option in ansys designer it is showing the following error Failed to push excitation information - Unable to extract voltage from parent solution. You may need to analyze the circuit. any help is highly appreciated
Hello I want to learn antenna design so I don't know much more about antenna designer software and where should I start.could you tell me 1-which software is the best(CST or hfss)? and has more book and tutorial about it? 2-some good books that explain one of above software as well? Thanks
Hello. I want to simulate microstrip line in the hfss. The line has a gap wich has the Schottky diode soldered into it. I want to place lumped ports in the places of the diode connection, and then transfer solution to the designer for perfoming non-liner simulation. But I doesn't know how to correctly locate lumped ports, choise their (...)
Hello everyone, i'm an analog designer so i'm kinda new to hfss. working on wireless electricity research and already have finished the circuit design on Cadence Virtuoso. now i'm working on the EM simulation on hfss. I have a head model (already built on hfss) and i have two coils to (...)
Hello, I'm working on antennas and I use hfss for the simulation. Now, I start to use designer for the co_simulation. I import the model hfss to designer, I connect components (capa, inductance..) and I would like to calculate EFFiciency and the gain of the new system. (...)
To export from hfss After solving in hfss, right click Analysis-> Setup. select Matrix data. Check the display all frequencies box and the S matrix box then click Export Matrix Data. name the file and choose the location. To import to designer Project->Add Model->add Nport Model. select Import data (...)
I have used hfss (a lot) but never Ansoft designer. Here is an example file from hfss which is supposed to be a 1:8 corporate feed. It will provide you with an idea on how transmission lines / substrates / ports are realized in hfss.
Dear all, I am just start learning designer and i find a weird problem that the microstrip port impedance got from designer is not in accordance with the that from hfss or equation. Can any one help me to clarify this? Attached please find the simulation doc. many thanks! asw1n
What was ineffective about the helix? Or how are your coils different than a helix? If you just want a lumped inductor value you can use a lumped port internal to hfss export the Sparameters and then use another software like designer to add a lumped inductor at that port in a circuit simulator.
Hi, My name is Oscar and I'm working on a Capacitor - Inductor Circuit on hfss. Fisrtly, the attached file "LCcircuit.adsn" (made on ANsoft designer 8.0.0) shows the LC Circuit. Capacitance = 10.8434 pF with Q-factor = 30 Inductance = 1.3435 nH with Q-factor = 300 If you run the LinearFrequency sweep on designer, you (...)
Hi, can anyone let me know that which solution type (hfss eigen, hfss driven mode ) should be used for hfss and Ansoft designer cosimulation. Another problem is i am trying to import a hfss model in the ansoft designer but the variables used in hfss model (...)
Hi, What simulator do you use ? If it is ADS or Ansoft designer , no problem the port are easy to define. If you use hfss, a lumped port is advised. Bye.
Hi all, Just I have very simple quation. Simplorer and designer are almost same circuitary element and function, also it is available couple with hfss. Which case should I use Simplorer with hfss or designer with hfss? and Why? If somebody have an (...)
I am designing a microstrip array and need the T-junction for feed, do someone have some items or simulations of the T-junction using hfss or ansoft designer. I need help. thanks in advance.
hi i have problem with my ansoft designer program, it is version 4 and when i want to add hfss model, it shows an error message because of license or product, can any one help me with this problem thanks
Dear All, I've designed some antennas in CST and hfss software but I'm going to add some components to them. I exported Gerber files in CST from them. Now, I'm going to Import it into Altium designer and add some components or modify the PCB layout. I tried several times but I couldn't. Would you please let me know how (...)
I tried to design an edge coupled microstrip Chebyshev BPF at 5.81 GHz. Specifications: Bandwidth: 150 MHz Order=5 Substrate Permittivity: 3.2 Substrate Height: 1.58 mm Cover Height: 30 mm Ripple: 0.01 dB The dimensions of the strips were obtained from Ansoft designer SV as fpllows: w1=1.72mm s1=1.27mm p1=8.11mm w2=1.87mm s2=4.78mm