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Can anyone pls help me how to implement mems capacitive shunt switch in hfss.How to take design parameter and how to choose the air gap and also whether we put excitation or boundary to it in software..pls rply
Hi Shekoofeh, Scattering parameters really only make sense when used to analyze finite arrays. The larger the array, the better, but obviously there are practical limitations. Without using finite arrays and scattering parameters, you'd need a different analysis method. Try looking into Floquet ports in hfss -- they allow you to extract scatterin
suppose i made a structure assigned wave port to it now suppose if the whole geometry is kept inside the radiation box such that the port is also inside.(using hfss) 1. will that be called internal excitation? 2. in order to use wave port without making any change in the radiation box do i need to use pec cap on one side of the wave port. how
I have simulated a 3D EM model in CST (hfss). Then in the Design studio, I have developed a tuning circuit which is fed to EM model. CST then calculates the fields in EM model according to this excitation from the design studio. A similar operation can be done with hfss and Nexxim (by using dynamically linked model (...)
hello how can i assign a Wave Propagation Vector K in y-direction, the electric field vector in x- direction, and magnetic field vector H in z- direction, using hfss on radiation box in which my design which i have to analyse is place. Best Regards; Bukero - - - Updated - - - please help me soon it's ur
1) You need to make sure the excitation is some sort of incident wave, such as a plane wave. If you have this, the menu under hfss-> Fields-> Edit Sources will allow you to select "Incident". 2) H-Field at what point? 3) No. You can however plot the E-field field along a line by inserting a line into the simulation, and then selecting this (...)
Hello Everyone, I am trying to simulate a multilayer structure in hfss 13.0. It is made up of copper planes (PCBs) at the top and bottom and 5 layers of different dielectric materials in between. There are two pairs of cylindrical slots one at the top and one at the bottom, through which differential (...)
How to assign Master and Slave boundaries for an infinite corrugated waveguide in hfss without overlapping with waveport excitation?
Hi, I am a student from Panama working with hfss. Currently I am just getting to know how to use hfss. I am trying to implement Terminal excitation but the option is not available even after following the instructions presented in the help section of the program. Help would be much appreciated; please and thanks
Hi, I am trying to simulate a H field due a current excitation over a copper track and I have a question. When I apply the current excitation in this track, hfss considers only the current over a surface of the track or along all the track, including inside? Because, I believe that even if I select all the track (...)
hello! I am new to hfss and am not sure how to excite my capacitor structure. It is a cylindrical capacitor (plates along the curved edges of the cylinder). I am stumbling on how to excite it, as I have 3 electrodes. I'd like to be able to have the high electrode at +V/2, low at -V/2 and the guard electrode at 0 or +V/2. Is this possible?
Hi Can anybody help to explain how to assign excitation for this two pads, basically i want to simulate the flip-chip bump. I have assigned ground plane at the top and bottom faces of the dielectric materials. but they are not touching the bottom face of the bottom pad and the top face of the top pad, respectively. so when i was (...)
Hi Zohre, You don't have to get a confusion between Scale and Scaling Factor. Once you have imported the hfss simulation results into Workbench, you have a parameter named Scale. This parameter is equivalent to increase the source power (in Watts) used in the excitation of the ports in your design. So, if you have an application dealing (...)
can anyone help me to design a reflectarray antenna element and give incident wave excitation for the same.
Hello, I would like to simulate a simple CPW line on a large band of frequency 0-20 GHz. I have created the excitation waveport and the boundary as the same as the CPW tutorial. The E-field on waveport is ok. The S11 parameter hav
Regarding this topic, anybody can tell me if is it possible modify the current value? I can not change the original value 1A in the properties!!!
I am designing an electrically small antenna loaded by negative capacitor realized by negative impedance converter. In hfss, the antenna is treated as a two-port network, one port (Port1) for excitation, and the other (Port2) for negative capacitor placement. After hfss simulation, the S2P file was extracted (...)
i am attaching my hfss file. please find the attachment. Thanking you
Hello everyone, I want to design a Fresnel zone plate antenna in hfss. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (plate+horn)? I have already designed a horn
Hi! I have a metal backing FSS unit cell, and I need to apply image theory to remove the ground plane and get S21 parameters and in a certain way calculate the constitutive params. How can I achive the currents in the lower face are inverse to the current in the upper face and in such way avoid the metallic plate which (...)