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Agilent ADS and Microwave Office are enough for RF circuits but others ( hfss and CST) are more convenient for real and electrically large EM 3D structures.
I admit this seems a minor issue but I couldn't manage to resolve that annoying problem. I even did a complete uninstall and installed the program again but I still cannot see my "Project Manager", my modeler window looks like this: 50904 Could anyone guide me how to really uninstall and get rid of every traces of HFS
i want to design a box in space . wat should i do.. i m not able to give the actual surface in space. please help me...
Hello All, Ive designed an inductor antenna, and I want to get the radiation pattern between 0.5 and 1.5 GHz. My results at hfss does not fit with the real mesurements. Can you review my project and tell me where is the error? Ive lost some days with that project learning with the tutorials, but (...)
If I understand you question correctly when you apply a radiation boundary to the 4 faces of your transmission line some power is lost due to unwanted radiation of the TL. When you don't added any radiation boundaries hfss automatically assigns ground planes to the 4 faces and the power is contained within the dielectric box.
It has happened to me twice, once with version 10 and now with 11. I have a bunch of designs (in the same file) and each one of them has some simulation results. Suddenly, when I open the file, I notice that all the results are gone. Plots are blank. However, the designs are there, in tact. As I mentioned, this has happened twice without having H
Finally , i lost the hope to solve my problem (trying to get the resonance of a magnetron cavity) by using the hfss ... Could you upload your project ? I think you are just doing something wrong, hfss has the most stable and accurate eigenmode solver, imho.
CST MIcrowave studio and Ansoft hfss have very powerful optimizers but I guess those features cost a lost also. -svarun