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Is this only for a plane wave? If so, just assign a perfect E boundary to the x-axis walls and a perfect H boundary to the y-axis walls. You could also use a floquet port setup with master-slave boundaries for a more complicated setup, as described in the hfss help.
hello, I'm doing simulations using Ansoft's hfss commercial software, and when i assign a Ex and Ky to my designed model there is a problem occur that i cant obtain Far field Results for that but as i removed the conditions that Removed Ex and Ky then i can easily obtain (...)
Hello everybody, I'm trying to calculate dispersion curve for a metamaterial. So, for the beginning and benchmark, I'm considering a very simple problem which is dispersion curve of free space. As everyone knows the dispersion curve for the free space should be a line with the slope of 45degree. Thus, I consider a vaccum box (epsilonr=1) with PEC
hello how can i assign a wave Propagation Vector K in y-direction, the electric field vector in x- direction, and magnetic field vector H in z- direction, using hfss on radiation box in which my design which i have to analyse is place. Best Regards; Bukero - - - Updated - - - please help me soon it's ur
1) You need to make sure the excitation is some sort of incident wave, such as a plane wave. If you have this, the menu under hfss-> Fields-> Edit Sources will allow you to select "Incident". 2) H-Field at what point? 3) No. You can however plot the E-field field along a line by inserting a line into the simulation, (...)
Hi MEGHA_UNNI, In the future, such questions may be more appropriately asked in the Electromagnetic Design and Simulation forum, as this one is more oriented towards theory. On to your question: Since you're working with a metamaterial absorber, I assume you are simulating just a single unit cell. In this case, you would want to use a Floquet po
Hi, I am newbie to hfss but i have quite some knowledge on EM and FEM modellings. I have a very simple box type geometry surrounded by an air box. I want to assign planar wave excitation on the top which is neat, and a floquet port on the bottom. This is not happening (...)
can anyone help me to design a reflectarray antenna element and give incident wave excitation for the same.
Hello, I'm an hfss beginner and I wanted to ask if hfss supports high power simulation for an incident wave? If anyone can help I would be pleasure.
Hi, everyone I am now using hfss version 13 to calculate S11 and S21 of a metamaterial absorber. wave ports and PEC/PMC B.C. are set up in the simulation. For the wave port, the plane wave incident angle is zero in default, but I want to (...)
Hi I have a simple rectangular wave guide filled by air. I want to apply PML for boundaries in x and y direction and electric wall for z direction boundaries. and then take the S21 of of the structure which should be 1 since wave guide filled by air. (...)
Hello, I want to model a periodic unit cell in hfss with a plane wave excitation in the XZ plane with varying angles of incidence. I have started by modeling an air box (20mm x 20mm x 187mm) with PML boundaries on the +/- z sides of the box and Master/Slave boundaries on the other sides. (...)
Hi everyone, I'm designing a Dual band Planar Inverted-F antenna that operates at 2 G Hz and 2.6 G Hz by using hfss. I'm facing problem when designing the feeding pin. When I want to assign wave port, the software shows "all the faces selected to form a port source must lie on the same (...)
Hi all I am trying to do a very simple experiment about the PML boundaries in hfss. I define two boxes with PML boundaries. and I put a PEC sheet in between. This way All around my model is PML and in the middle I have a PEC sheet. then I define a plane wave as the (...)
Hi guys, I know this could be a question in analog IC layout but since it's for rf/mm-wave domain, am thus seeking some advice here. I have a rfline model from a pdk and from the process file, i see that it consists of the top most metal layer and a silicon substrate. Say I'm using a line of 100um (...)
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an FSS in hfss using master/slave boundary conditions on sides of the unit cell box and PML on top and bottom. my incident field is a plane wave source. I get the magnitude of S parameters using the "reference for FSS" on PMLs but phase is (...)
I have an anisotropic structure where I want to see its response to incident wave at different areas. Therefore I need to use a waveguide. But the problem is that the structure region has master/slave boundaries and then it is not possible to use ports. I am wondering what the options are to simulate it properly; (...)
From hfss help file: Modal For calculating the mode-based S-parameters of passive, high-frequency structures such as microstrips, waveguides, and transmission lines which are "driven" by a source, and for computing incident plane wave scattering. Network (...)
Welcome oasis4u, hfss is probably what you want. 1) Yes there is. Right click in your design view -> Assign Excitation -> Incident wave. I assume you would want a plane wave. 2) I'm not sure what you mean, but you can assign a surface to the output port of the antenna, and integrate the (...)
Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can shed some lights on this problem: how to simulate a FINITE size (in 2D X-Y plane) EBG surface in hfss? Specifically, EBG formed by patches without via. My previous simulation setup was using wave port on the top surface of the air box and radiation boundary around the (...)