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Hi Can anyone help me to design a monopole antenna with coaxial bend in hfss.? I need One clarification can we design a monopole antenna with rectangle lumped port feed? If yes please explain
Hello I want to bend my helix to have a intersect between rod and my helix can I do it without any discontinuity appear. 126291 - - - Updated - - - I draw a bend but It has some problems 126293 as you see it doesn't have a flat surface to connect he
Hello Everyone, Any one Know any idea about how to bend microstrip patch antenna i mean in some degree like 20 or 30 in hfss? I need help its urgent... Thank you..
Hi I am doing simulations for a rectangular waveguide bend using hfss 15, in the band 20-100 GHz. In these frequencies, several modes can be created, when TE01 mode, the input,goes through the bend. I am using hfss for the first time and i cannot find anything about my question: I have the bend (...)
By taking advantage of the modeling capability of hfss, it is easy to simulate the bend situation. In particular, there are two features which facilitates this kind of modeling greatly: 1) Sweep - sweep a line to form a sheet, sweep a sheet to form a solid 2) Thicken - a sheet can be thickened to form a solid with an assigned thickness
Hello all, I want to simulate a bend patch antenna with a bend of 30 degree, using hfss 13.0. Could anybody please tell me how can I bend the patch in hfss 13.0. Thanks in advance.
Please help me: (, how I will find in this article fabricated waveguide bend with hfss
Guys need help with designing an ideal waveguide bend in hfss...... Urgent..... Thank you all in Advance ....
Hi, I want to simulate a dipole antenna in hfss with a wave port simulation. I want to figure out the change in input impedance of antenna as frequency is changed. I dont think using a lumped port lets me get this information. I dont want to use a CPW to interface with the antenna because then I will not know what the input impedance o
Hi everyone, I am using hfss12 and Ansoft Designer 5 for EM co-simulation. I built some simple CPW structures in hfss and incorporated them into Ansoft Desinger using dynamic link to hfss. But the simulation results (S-parameters) given by hfss and nexxim were significantly different (larger than 10dB). The structure (...)
One of the hfss field plot options is to plot vector E on a face and see the animated vector components. Look it up in on line help.
hfss is not good at drawing. I think you can redraw it in acad or femap.
when you change the structure of you design , it is necessary to tuning the filter in the simulator. the optim in hfss is very powerful but it is very time-comsuing. I find a new method to design every resonator-coupling filter including iris waveguide filter . it is very efficient and accuracy. I have designed a 20pole filter using this method t
Hi all, How do I chamfer a 90 degree microstrip bend in hfss ? Thanks a lot. -svarun

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