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How to connect feed line of an antenna to a point source excitation in hfss? Thanking you.
Hello, I am using hfss V13,and simulating a Planer Inverted F antenna with coaxial feed line.Validation check is successful.But no result found in s11 plot.I attached the view of design.Anyone can help me please?
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention steps and tell me how to know what will be inner and outer diameter (...)
Dear Sahu here you go
Hello, I have a coaxial line of length L. run it at frequency f. No dielectric just one PEC cylinder in a vacuum cylinder. Defined waveguide ports. since this is a TEM mode, I would expect the s21 phase to be 2*pi*L/wl. It's not! What am I missing? Thanks
how to design the same in hfss
100140Hi everyone, I have a problem with my design. I don't know how to insert the SMA connector to the horn antennas. Could you give me some ideas about that? + What solution type should I choose (Driven modal or Terminal) ? + The excitation is lumped port or wave port ? + My antennas material is FR4, so what is the
Hi, Have a look at this website : In hfss, you can draw a 50 ohms coaxial line to feed this antenna. Look at the hfss tutorial : there is one example that deal with a rectangular patch antenna feed by a coaxial line. A PIFA antenna will not be difficult to draw on hfss.
Please i need help :( I need to Know How to Simulate This coaxial Cable On this Antenna with hfss need to Know the steps ,...step by step ,..and the Coax. Geometry It's Urgent Please Any One 89381
My hfss version is old and I cant open your file properly. But I think that you don't add boundary condition to outer conductor of coaxial line.
hi,all i'm trying simulate periodic structure in Collin's book " foundations for microwave engineering" chapter 8 page 552 ( capacitively loading of coaxial line),by hfss, I want define Master and Slave and Floquet port, but i don't know how consider master and floquet? i will be great full if any suggest.
Hey peeps, Trying to do this has consumed so much of my time. Can anyone explain to me how best to feed a slot antenna with a coaxial transmission line, and how to investigate the correctness of the design. Thanks in advance
hello everyone, I'm new to hfss, and this is my first project. I have to simulate the radiation pattern of the LPDA antenna at 670MHz (E and H-Plane). My problem is that I can't get the same results as i got with 4NEC2 and EZNEC. I have uploaded my project and the 4NEC2 results. So if anyone with experience in this area could maybe check the pr
I set a PML boundary on the coaxial line and sweep its "height" to achieve a desirable Loaded Q. You don't need to set a PML boundary for coaxial. The easy way is to define Impedanace Boundary (Resistance: 377 Ohm, Reactance : 0) My question is, what do these "Eigen Qs" mean? Unloaded Q or Loaded Q? [/quo
Hi all, I am a beginner with hfss. I have its verson 10. Now, I try to design a printed dipole antenna using hfss. The project have been design alreadly but it seems that there maybe some problems. As can be seen from the S-parameter result figure in this project, the antenna in the project works at quite different frequency (around 5GHz) than t
I need to to drive a patch with coax probe. I want to know how to calculate coax outer diameter and inner conductor diameter.? Is there any relation with frequency? Irfan
I have a problem in designing PIFA, I don't know how to feed the antenna in IEEE paper said " A 50 ohmi coaxial line is used to feed the antenna. Specifically,two folded feed lines are placed between the radiator patch and the feed point". I specified that the feed point it's at the second line(Patch_9 in design) .The (...)
Am a new member in this forum.... also am new to hfss... How to feed microstrip dipole antenna? What kind of feed is to be used? coaxial or wave port or lumped port? and also please tell me how to give the feed? Plz help me in this....
Hello! Can anybody explain the meaning of "cap" in the hfss SMA model on p.16 and p.23? For what is it? Tnx
i am using hfss 9 and this might be a lot similar to 11. first make a circle that covers the coax input. i usually set this to be somewhat transparent as i find it easier to see the line i defined for my waveport later on. please make sure that your solution is in driven terminal as well. after making the circle, right click on it, assign e