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hello i have the following designs for corrugated rectangular waveguides which suppose to work as filter, and i need to plot the S11, the problem is the corrugation of the waveguide is controlled by a parameter delta, and when the value of this parameter s below 0.06 the filter response act in a wrong way, i have been told to estimate the dispersi
Hey Guys, Does anybody know if it is possible to sweep a post processing variable in hfss, without having to do sweep calculation. I want to calculate the voltage between two points by integrating E-field along a non-model line. Now I want to move this line around and redo the Vline calculation a couple of times, ideally with the calculator res
Hi all how can i use clone to and clone from commands in hfss explain please, its urgent kartik - - - Updated - - - all hfss experts kindly guide
Hi guys Iv'e simulated an EBG structure described in IEEE paper simulated with hfss but my results are very far from the paper's results. What's my mistakes? It's a fat-dipole antenna above an EBG structure. See it. 125787 Substrate is FR4 (relative permittivity 4.5) and all dimentions described in the paper: Ultr
hello, i would like to copy my antenna in hfss : i have an antenna in hfss and i would like to contruct another one with the saame features but in distanceof 10cm of my antenna; so i choose the duplicate along linne and i m suced to construct this antenna but my problem in the exitation ; wen i run he siplay me tis error (...)
While am simulating my antenna design in ANSOFT hfss 14, i am getting FATAL ERROR message, If i click on that error then hfss is terminated. Can anyone give the solution to my problem. Thanks in advance.....
hello, everyone! I want you help me with the problem which disturbs me for a long time. My hfss works well, however, when I copy the curve images, sometimes it appears the axis label sometimes it not. Is there something wrong with my software or operation?
Hi Daniel, You cannot place a separate button on the toolbar. But instead you can copy the Python script into the Toolkits folder: C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\AnsysEM15.0\Win64\hfss\syslib\Toolkits\hfss. And then run the Python script from hfss -> Toolkit. Thanks, -sv
I have used CST Microwave Studio. You can also use FEKO and hfss but, personally, I don't have an idea about the latter two as I have not used them.
hello every one i finish my design for wimax dual band microstrip antenna on hfss ...because of the hfss version is cracked one...and i have licensed version of AWR (Microwave office)...i am looking for a way to transfer or copy this design from hfss to AWR. thanks alot.
I have hfss 13 installed in windows 7 on my laptop. The simulations run fine but I am not able to view the model and the results. However, when i copy the model or results to clipboard and paste them in paint, i can view them. Any quick responses would be appreciated.
Check the ansoft Help_antenna pdf... it has what you're looking for.. here's a copy paste from the text contained inside: Boundary Conditions Boundaries specify the behavior of magnetic and electric fields at various surfaces. They can also be used to identify special surfaces —such as resistors— whose characteristics differ from t
Does anyone have a definition of the hfss file format? I'm looking to write a C++ program to write files in a format that can be analysed in hfss. At least part of it is just plain text, and I suspect one can write enough text to define the geometry if one knows the file format. This is a bit of a file: $begin 'AnsoftProject' Crea
hi all I want to make a report with my design on hfss but when i copy image of my design from edit the coordinate axis also get copied at back. how to eliminate that regards kartik
how can I port the hfss design, excitation, reports, hfss-IE project? Is there a way to copy and paste it? I read something about data link feature but really don't know how it's used or if it could copy everything. Thanks.
my ebg has the structure like this and width is the same (L=W) but i dont know how to design it in hfss note: i know the dimension but don't know hfss working akhey8-O cheghad
Pherhaps you can in hfss copy DESIGN2 into PROJECT1, than close hfss. Now copy the DESIGN2 files from the folder PROJECT2.hfssresults into the folder PROJECT1.hfssresults. Then open PROJECT1. I don't know if this work, but pherhaps now hfss find he solution for DESIGN2 in (...)
Hi, I've the design of an antenna and the design of the SMA connector. I'd like to instantiate the SMA inside the design of the antenna. How can I do this? Cant find a way to do it... Thanks
hfss is letting you know that it thinks that the system date and time file has been modified to allow indefinite use of a license file (illegal)... In the case that you have stolen it...tough. In the case that you own the copy legitimately, then contact your application engineer or account manager at ANSYS and this can be resolved. Have Fun
hi can anyone tell me,that how can split object in CST MWS? i do it in hfss by split,but in CST,i can not this case! can anyone help meeee?