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If you have a licensed version of hfss, drill the application engineer for traing / demo, etc. else break your own head !
hi every body, any one plz plz provide me hfss or ads simulated bandpass filters for bluetooth and wlan band,gsm band,i tried lot bt faild i have very short time for demo,plzzzz anybody help me i wil be relly thnkful
Hello, I am currently building a demo of a microstrip line with a tuning stub. The transmission line is terminated in a load impedance of 100-50j ohms. The microstrip line has a Z0 of 50 ohms, and the stub has a Z0 of 100 ohms. I know my designs for the microstrip lines work, but I am having trouble terminating the transmission line with the fix
@ahsaan as far as i know you cant open hfss model in Ansoft Designer regards
you sould register with the hfsscopo. for a demo version !
Hello everyone, I am searching hfss software on internet but I did not get it. I there any link for student or demo version ? regards
who can give some materials or links about electrically large simulation in hfss? thanks very much! Edmund
hfss v9 ,Design demo-An Antenna Open it With windows media player ver9 pl
Is there any demo version of hfss or Microwave office ?