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i had design the dipole at 2.4GhZ, now prob is at the end of the design need to draw radiation box . what are the rules for drawing the dimentions of radiation box? is there any rules/equations / any relation with respect to lambda?
I need simulate an antenna in hfss for RFID. The internal impedance of IC at 915MHz is 12.8-j248 (NXP UCODE7). This is a serie impedance. To simulate this impedance I use a Lumped port with equivalent parallel resistance Rp ~ 4.837K and a capacitance of 0.7pF in parallel using a lumped RLC. Both in parallel connected to a dipole input. Antenn
hi , I have a problem that when I make a dipole antenna parallel to the PMC the radiation pattern is wrong so can someone help me with the steps or something like that ?!
Good morning, Let me contextualize the problem I found with dissipated power and the way hfss computes it. I'm working now on a model which goal is to study the power losses that a certain material introduces. To do this, I used a basic electric dipole antenna, at 2.45GHz, which is λ/2 in electrical dimensions. This antenna is placed inside
I am simulating a cavity with fundamental mode frequency at 2.998GHz using Eigen mode solver of hfss. For wake filed estimation I need to plot dispersion curves for Higher Order Modes (HOM). 90 degree slice with one PEC and one PMC as boundary condition is used to study dipole modes. First ten Higher Order Modes are studied. Master Slave Bound
Hi I read a paper in which exact structure of a fat dipole microstrip antenna is described. My question is about the feeding structure. Is it necessary to set up for example a coaxial feed and its entrance as input port or we can draw port right at the antenna? Is there any difference between ADS, CST, hfss in this regard? [URL="https://www.eda
Hi fsky, Usually, one wants the radiation boundary to extend one-quarter wavelength past the largest radius of the antenna. This is to ensure that the radiated fields are plane-wave-like enough to be absorbed properly. Thanks PlanarMetamaterials for your reply and helping. Well, I didn't understand w
After various tests of ADS parameters/substrate/ports configurations I finally found out. The FEM (finite element method) calculation seems more sensitive than the Momentum to the EM calculation box dimensions. On the EM Simulation Setup -> Options -> Physical Model -> Global tab, I changed the default value of the substrate LATERAL & VERTICAL ex
I can not simulate the antenna + chip (dipole antenna + chip) on hfss, please can you explain me how can I simulate a chip on hfss ??? can you give me some instructions or tutorial for my first simulation in this solver. Thank you in advance.
I aim to develop a conception where I will integrate a RFID tag; and I can not simulate the antenna + chip (dipole antenna + chip) on hfss, please can you explain me how can I simulate a chip on hfss ??? can you give me some instructions or tutorial for my first simulation in this solver. Thank you in advance.
Hi all, Can anybody help me out with this kind of antenna ( see attached file). What's the type of antenna? How does it work? How can one design this type of antenna and simulate it in hfss? What are the design parameters? Any related publications? Thanks
Hi , Im simulating a yagi antenna with 6 elements with the haft-wavelength dipole driven element at 2.4Ghz using hfss v15. The radiation pattern, gain, directivity are as expected :grin: But the input impedance is somewhat i dont understand. As i know the input impedance of an dipole is about 73 +45j(ohm) but the Z parameter graph say about (...)
Hello everyone, I have a question, so I need your helps, please. I don't know that why we can use the two different dimension vacuum box in hfss for the dipole antenna simulation at 900MHz? And we just add the radiation boundary for one or both box? Thank you very much!
I have a simulation model in hfss that consists of a printed dipole antenna on a substrate but enclosed with a cover ( ceramic material). Such a model is to emulate an antenna inside of a chip. I am not sure whether to place the radiation boundary at the outer faces of the cover or create an air box surrounding the model and place the radiation
Hi all , I am making some test on hfss , I create a dipole antenna on hfss , and I want to see how react with a perfect magnetic conductor , I have try to use a perfect H boundary in a surface under the dipole , but nothing change ! i do not understand this some one know why is this happening ?
hi I have designed a 7 Arrays dipole Antenna for a BTS. It has a defined pattern . now i want to change the Amplitude and phase in EDIT SOURCES in hfss to make a Tilt in Pattern ? Would u pliz help me? Regards
Hi all i'm going to design an infinitesimal electric dipole above an infinite pec for height lambda/2.I'm going to earn figure 4.17 in antenna book,Balanis but the results aren't good at all.(VSWR and radiation pattern) i don't know how length i need for air gap in infinitesimal dipole?and don't know what is the problem? I'm using hfss13 (...)
I'm building a simple half-wave dipole in hfss. I first made a model with a lumped port in the center to find a good length/radius. I then attempted to implement a full design using an "infinite" balun - I.E. I run the coax through one element of the dipole and attach the outer conductor to one end and the inner conductor to another. (...)
hi there, first post here so hello. I recently started using cst. I'd like to know if and how (i believe it is possible since it is possible on software such as hfss & FEKO) to import antenna parameters from matlab to cst automatically. I have a matlab file which produces parameters for antenna arrays such as dipole distances, lengths etc. an
I have desigend a simple Printed dipole but i have been getting a weird rectangular plot (S11 vs freq grap) as my projected is to design Fractal antenna for wireless (2.4GHz) . What my teacher is askin me now is that thie curve should be only one and should fall on 2,4 GHz... can some body please help me and tell me why i m gtting this kindof grap